Friday, 25 January 2013


Sheyman has decided to spend some of his money which i guess is too much at the club, all on a fan who sang the full lyrics of his song...seriously, he has bellefulll, like they say in Naija, which means his stomach is filled up..Sheyman was at liquid lounge in company of prominent artiste like youngskales, Jaywon and flowsick to mention a few.During the night Sheyman was said to have spent £500 as a reward for a fan that sang his latest track so well.

Sheyman is ready to spend more as he turns to Ziggies club in Magodo. he would be giving out £600 to any fan that could sing his track ‘PAPER’ words for words. I would love to have him around Ajegunle, Makoko, Mushin Olosha, Ipaja, and so on..i am sure the guys there can sing as well..i hope the pounds can go round very well..

Paper is the latest single off his soon to be released album,with sweet melodies over makosa-influenced production, Sheyman sings playfully about the lavish life, spending paper, and the non-stop splurging lifestyle of an entertainer. You can simply put these funds together and give to charity, join a worthy cause and let your name be written in gold, instead of lavishing it on some assumed fans who should be on the show "Don't forget the lyrics"..if they can sing so well...think wisely Sheyman