Saturday, 12 January 2013


...and i ask again, what defines a single lady...She might be above 30 just like these celebs i have here and the truth is that being above could actually create some tension amongst the intending guys, especially when there is a huge cash flow in the life of the lady..

These women are seen as some of the hottest single ladies in the Nigerian Entertainment Scene..did they actually see them as ladies cause they are women..some of them already have children and others are out of a marriage.Muma gee is seen as rich, beautiful and single..that is her own definition and any guy who wants to marry her should be ready to face anything.

And when a lady is out of marriage, is she also meant to be addressed as single again...? I totally disagree with opinion is that the flower has been stolen by another man, that is if she was a virgin before marriage. I am not here to speak down on women but am not too sure what to call a single lady anymore, especially in Naija where everyone now wants to have a baby at all cost..there is a pride of being a mama these days

Ara for instance is out of marriage..back in the single market i guess, she is also a mother and certainly too old to be in that league anymore...I do not know what to say about Weird MC..honestly, any man for her should certainly love her for who she is..

Genevieve Nnaji could pass for a hot single lady because she has only tasted marriage in movies but not in reality and she has a daughter...that i could pick as my definition of a single lady in is a common scenerio in my country.

Cossy is seen as a sex symbol in Nigeria...if you see her picture very well, you will understand my opinion..most men lust after something in Cossy..they can speak for that mission but she is actually well educated than we think...and well achieved i must say..that is not my single lady because her stories are what defines the single ladies here...the campus girls may be, the NYSC babes or what...?