Friday, 25 January 2013


It is always a moment of joy when a baby is born in a family...and i mean under a marital condition, especially, when the couple has been waiting for years but the story is different these days as everyone seems to be naming a child, even when its just a dating condition...having pre-marital sex ain't a strange affair but what happened to protection.

Before i say congrats to May D for the birth of his child, now, the mother is a long time girlfriend, and not a wife..he is not the only entertainer with such a is certainly none of my business but am just concerned as usual because these guys are not passing a good message...yes, i know most people have lots of sex before marriage...the issue of bearing a child before marriage has now been endorsed even by family members who want to ascertain how fertile the productive land of the man or woman is...totally crazy.

May D is the latest dad in town after his long time girlfriend, Adebola Olowoporuku gave birth to a baby boy..He has now joined the league of celebrities with kids after following the footstep of his former boss, Peter of P Square...who is also not officially married.

These routine has spread like a wild fire into every part of Nigeria that everyone wants to bear a child, even when they still ask their parents for pocket money...even though God has asked us to procreate, i am sure he meant under a certain union between a man and a woman...if you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then seal it with a marriage and you can have all the sex, make all the babies and let them overflow around your home...

...and this girl of his looks kinda it the pictures, my eyes or is she really young..congrats anyways.