Friday, 25 January 2013


I do not want to use the word dieing but this image hear tells you about someone nearing a grave...that is what Majek looks like here..i am so worried and i feel for him...He is now mentally unstable and sources say he is already in rehab but from a recent report, the ‘Send Down the Rain’ crooner is not getting any better.

He was spotted at Ogba, Ikeja Lagos clutching his guitar, staggering with a cigarette in his mouth, murmuring incoherent words. Though, he resides at Gowon Estate of Egbeda area of Lagos, his mission at Ogba was not known.The main cause of Majek’s condition is none other than his addiction to marijuana, cocaine and alcohol.

Sometime in 2012, he got a music deal of N15 million naira and was scheduled to release an album, no one has seen any album or heard any single but from the look of things, all did not go well...and right now, nothing looks well for this legend who is now close to his end..not a wish but it is reality that we must face..

“Fashek is gone; I’m not sure any kind of rehab will bring him back. He messes up in the estate; he drinks and staggers around with crowd gathering around him.
He’s dried up. He has body guards and a deep blue jeep, but most times, I think he sneaks out of the house and ends up misbehaving. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a mad man. He’s gone!,” said a source who reside close to him.