Saturday, 5 January 2013


There are no truth to these facts but from all indications, Nigeria's very own Soccer Icon, Jay Jay Okocha might be bankrupt...Austin Okocha is said to have put one of his many houses up for sale due to reasons best known to him..The property located in Akute, Ogun state is up for sale at N17 million and the property is said to be occupied by tenants. This is coming not long after he sold his bar to Don Jazzy.

I am really surprised because so much must have been invested as a future plan and with the right career managers, there is no reason why such a big star should be in a financial mess like this..well, am not here for some pity party feeling on what Okocha might be going through right now but we all go face such beats once in a while..

I just feel they should never go bankrupt, there are endorsement deals from various corporate bodies across the globe, which some have been signed for many years..and we all know how much bucks these guys earn weekly, even against the tax factor.

I am certain there is an element of truth somewhere and more so, business can go sour any time, if proper caution is not taken into unforeseen events.So many stars are living a life that eludes a fake smell especially Nollywood, where they are casted into mighty roles, with posh cars and houses...some stars just bite more than they can chew and you also do not expect to bake, eat your cake and have is not possible.

I really do not have a clue to the financial challenges of Okocha but am sure it is not as bad as we might think.