Thursday, 7 February 2013


Waooooh...I just reached 500 Published posts and am really glad about it, i started blogging last year May and so far, it has been cool writing creative contents from entertainment, politics, social and regular news reports...I have also written about social issues affecting us as Nigerians and ready to do more..

I am very grateful to everyone who takes time to go online and read my is amazing to know that globalization has taken a good effect on me by having the privilege to write and get it read all over the world..Blogging is actually fun, if you are interested in writing, and not just for the fun, there has to be a reason why you have taken that step.

I will endeavor not to bore you but keep you inspired, enlightened and also laugh out loud...i am also inspired by great bloggers in Nigeria and the world at large..Lets get the party started...


I am writing this piece, not because i want to also clear my negativity of the Super Eagles just like most people who have completely written off these guys as a favorite of winning the Nations cup..I am just motivated about the spirit behind the coaching techniques of Stephen Keshi..what a Glory!

I am not a crazy football fan just like some of my friends but there is always one thing that drives my attention to football tournament..and that is the drive, spirit and motivation of the team to reach the top of such tournament...I never thought of the super eagles..let me put that in caps..I NEVER THOUGHT OF A NATIONS CUP FINAL WITH NIGERIA..a lot of Nigerians are shocked just like me and we are still talking about the victory over the Ivorians...

This is a sign that we are the only ones that can bring change to our nation, we do not need foreigners to manage every aspect of our lives, look at the Chinese..their economy has tremendously changed over the years..controlled by them, I know we have the likes of Dangote, Adenuga, Isyaku Rabiu and so on but we still need to do more...This is what Keshi has stated and he moved further by believing in the Boys at Home...What a Glory.

If you are still reading, it is because you are happy as a Nigerian that we are meeting Burkina Faso in the Final...I am fulfilled even if we do not get the cup, Don't get me will be sad coming this far and not bringing home the cup because i am so tired of Third Place win..This is our Glory and God made it possible through one man..Stephen Keshi.

I have not even written about this man...I know a lot of journalists, bloggers and other press agencies will be rewriting their columns in the favor of this man, well, i do not blame you but let us endeavor to believe in ourselves..even when it seems all is not going well..

Do you know Keshi was sacked in January 2010, after Mali's early exit in the group stages of the Africa Cup of Nations..Between 2004 and 2006 Keshi coached the Togo National team unexpectedly bringing them to their first World Cu, Germany 2006..Even Wikipedia has updated their Profile on

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This is just a question that goes through my mind everyday, now..i am not talking about a female colleague giving you a lift after close of work, i am not talking about your neighbour who sees you and helps you home...i am talking about a total female stranger on the Nigerian road, with reference to Lagos city...the happening state.

I do not have a car and so, most times, i have to board a public transport home or get a lift from any colleague...when waiting for a public transport at any terminal, especially Ketu, there are different categories of car owners..there are some men who stop to give a lift at a price and no gender issue on who will board his car...there are some men who approach the terminal to meet up with someone and there are those who scan through like an Anti Virus seeking for something.

I have decided to stop approaching such cars because when you take your energy to approach, it is only but a wasted effort..they are just looking out for one pretty lady who is also pretending to be looking for help...i mean, why can't men help their fellow men...they just want to carry the ladies...

And now, i ask...when will a lady give me a lift..a total strange lady...certainly, there are lots of cute guys at the bus stop needing a lift to go home and perhaps save their penny for another day..and there loads of females who drive across us every night...

The funny thing is that ladies now flash their hands towards some cars, especially when they see that its just the guy driving and then, he also scans to see how hot she is before he slows down to give her a ride..please, i want to enjoy this privilege from a whatever reason they get the lift..which i know what runs through the mind of Lagosians when they see a lady being given a lift...

Who says it aint a lady's world...they run some parts of the world, not really the whole world but they can make you give them control...perhaps, in the next century, i will get a lift from a


It is a great initiative for the Lagos State Government to have introduced a special rapid transport within the metropolis and presently, it is spreading fast across most parts of Lagos, I must say i do enjoy boarding these buses, not only for being fast but it is convenient except you want to stand which is no fun to me...

I do remember that the fare was originally 100 Naira and later, it was increased to 120 Naira alongside the 70 Naira..i really do not have a problem wit the increase but i have a big problem with the guys selling the tickets, it has become a regular routine to give them 10 Naira as an offering because they usually do not have such a balance in their possession..I am confused because i feel it is just a means of exploiting Lagosians.

It is now a routine for these guys to hold on to 10 Naira every time you purchase a ticket..and that is why you have to prepare yourself before approaching them...for every 120 Naira ticket, i need to make sure i have the exact amount or give them a 200 Naira note and add a 10 Naira with it, and then, i can get an even or balanced figure to collect easily.

I am sure a lot of people face this situation everyday, and for Lagosians, because we seem to be in a hurry to where we are going, we simply overlook the pain of waiting on these guys to collect a mere 10 Naira..well, it is my 10 Naira and it is painful when they smite at you over that...and so, the government or authorities in charge should please go back to the simple figure of charging 100 Naira, i cannot be talking about other routes now but for most people that ply the Ikorodu Route, this is a regular challenge...

Saturday, 2 February 2013


This is a statement coming from a woman who has the power, will, spirit and determination to inspire her country...Toyosi Akerele has vowed to lead a protest of 100,000 naked women in 2015 to Aso Villa, if proper electioneering procedure is not followed..She is the  founder of RISE Network, which has made quite an impression on numerous Nigerian youths.

Toyosi was born and raised in Naija with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Law from the University of, why won't such a woman be determined to bring change to her nation..Toyosi is certainly not the only one bored about the whole silhouette going on in Nigeria, quite a lot are touched..

Will Nigerian women be courageous enough to do such a thing because being fashionable with some flesh showing is very very different from goind completely naked for a protest...but with Toyosi, the drive and rush to support this initiative might shock all of us..fingers crossed..check out her tweet on the subject matter...


I got a comment from a senior administrative colleague based on my post where i referred the valentine's day as a dream of every of most Nigerian girls but she says it is also a dream for guys too..well, she is right to an extent because some guys will be looking for where to exercise their sexual urge by buying the girls off with gifts..some of which they can never give to their real girls or wives.

For the responsible guys, this is just one of those special moments of the year where they can rekindle their love for their partner in the best way possible, hanging out at the cinema, dinner, bedroom romance and all is a special day for those who truly believe, eat, drink and dine with love..for others, playing and fooling along is just the clue...pretending to be in love.

I am just happy that the date did not fall towards the last day of the month, as salaries are being paid then..and what excuse would you give your girl, more so, if you are a civil servant..the economy is not friendly, so a lot guys will have to work extra hard to do something or else, a short cut is just what most girls will follow..and they should know something must go for something.


I know most Nigerian ladies will oppose my statement and will rather pretend the day does not mean anything to them but if am to sample opinions right now, every girl wants to be spoilt that day..please don't get me wrong..if you are in a superb and mind blowing relationship which is close to marriage, there is absolutely nothing wrong in you getting wet with the best of gift, including the new blackberry phone coming message is to the desperate ones.

My message for those of you who are trying to eat your cake and have it...think twice or you might end up like an earthquake..completely useless and no gain...This is the time some girls do a trial and error thingy where they sample out guys and trust me, if you show your desperate for gift to any guy, sex is the only reward and you might also be carried away with gifts and drinks...and end up a baby mama, which you might not plan the way, a lot of babies will be conceived that day, perhaps, valentine's day should also be the world's conception day..

I like Nigerian girls..they do not slack because for them, everything comes with a price tag and while some are cheap, others are quite expensive for some guys..its just a sex day..sorry, love day for lovers.

Just like a lecturer of mine said, if you have two sweets, a wrapped one drops on the floor and there is another unwrapped one just placed somewhere..he then asked the class which one each of us would consume and everyone says the wrapped one...and he says to the girls, stop exposing your fronts,backs and central because a man will always go for a well covered girl because he wants to know whats hidden and he will marry her by finding revealing but thats the gospel truth.

So ladies, enjoy that day well but remember to be smart about yourself and know what you want in life...happy valentine's day


I thought Justin Bieber is a gentleman but this image does not say so..what was he thinking and the lady seems cool with it..or is it a stage is more like a red carpet thingy where all the paparazzi are present gazing at this shot that has gone viral anyways...this dude has gone crazy i must say..

What is Justin thinking? He has been at the centre of celebrity news this month, first he was caught smoking weed, after that he showed his butt in a photo shoot and now this again...This is where Usher needs to wake up or whoever is in charge of babysitting this guy..before he completely looses his esteem to the weeds of the media...what mentorship programme does this serve to his fans or loved ones...

This is not growing up and something must be done to check his excesses..being a star does not include complete power and control over everything in a females body, smoking weed and posing nude or showing off some skin...if he feels this is a step towards fitting into the big boy gang..he has totally lost it..wake up and lets feel the bieber fever again because there is nothing feverish about this image.


We all should get set for the union that is about to take place between Whitney's two children, an adopted and a biological child..Bobby Kristina and Nick Gordon..seems weird but i guess this young Whitney has actually made up her mind and i do not see anyone stopping her love from glowing all the way to the altar or wherever she wants to seal up the nuptial knot...fingers crossed.

According to US Weekly, Brown has been spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring that was once worn by her mother, Miss Brown, 19, was recently photographed in Atlanta holding hands and kissing Gordon, the 22-year-old man whom Houston took in 10 years ago after his mother was unable to care for him.

Both families are not in support of their union and they are very sad about it, blaming Kristina’s vulnerability since her mother passed away as the problem. Both Kristina and Nick have been living in one of Houston’s Atlanta properties together...and you never can tell if she is carrying another Whitney or a Bobby this time.

During her interview with Oprah Winfrey on “Oprah: The Next Chapter” Brown was seen wearing the alleged engagement ring as she spoke about her famous mother’s passing. “I’m doing as good as I possibly can at this point. I’m just trying to keep going”, she said. “I can sing her music, but to hear it now, I can’t. I can hear her voice telling me, ‘Keep moving, baby. I got you’. She’s always with me. I can always feel her with me. She used to always say, ‘Do you need me?’ And I said, ‘I always need you”"

“The situation is beyond sad”, a source said. “Whitney never formally adopted Nick, but he lived with her and Bobbi Kristina from the age of 12 and they were raised like brother and sister. Nick came from a really bad background”...but since she is communicating with her mum, i guess she receives some sort of counselling about the whole thing going on in her life right now.


Once upon a time in Nigeria, Our homes were filled with the melodies of great gospel acts such as Funmi Aragbaiye, Bola Are, Panam Percy Paul and many others..and there came another era when the likes Bouqui, Midnite Crew, Segun Obe, Lara George stole our heart away with their contemporary approach to worshiping God...but presently, i cannot smell that soup again, where is that moment?

Gospel Music was the heartbeat of Nigeria some years back, it was joy to listen to them because of their realness and lyrical content that touched a lot of us, all thanks to our emotional nature, i do remember the Good Women Choir of CAC, Ibadan..their songs are still evergreen, especially when the year is ending but the story is no longer the seems the new generation of gospel singers have lost their tracks and now hide under inspirational music by diffusing some circular mix into it...that is not gospel guys.

I will like to be blunt here and throw some stones at the likes of Kefee, Kenny Saint brown,Lanre Teriba, Infinity and some others who have turned their selves to a commercial artiste by assuming they are lifting our souls up wit their new found is totally wrong and not in anyway attached to what evolves back then.

I will also like to commend the effort of Lara George, Onas, Yinka Ayefele, Psalm Ebube and some new generation..i know there is a lot of commercial concentration on circular artistry and everyone wants to be picked up by a brand as an ambassador or get a chance to perform at their huge financial, i see the reason for that rush by gospel artistes to do something you can view as i have to blame them...?

In the present state of Nigeria, many are looking for songs that will calm their spirit, body and soul..and not songs that do not inspire them to believe and hope for a greater Nigeria..Nudity has invaded the lives of many we have to also inspire with girls shaking their bum and acting seductively...We need that lost era back in our lives, our coming generations need to be filled with greatness and our circular might not do justice to just saying

Friday, 1 February 2013


This image to me feels like he is comparing himself to Jesus Christ and he is actually loosing his value to the world by the second..Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown is an American recording artist, dancer, and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, Brown taught himself to sing and dance at a young age and was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows.

Where has he lost it now because, personally, i have had enough on Chris Brown...right now, he  is officially off social media, including Instagram, following his fight with Frank Ocean and a controversial Instagram post that drew some to say he was comparing himself to Jesus..this is not the first time Chris is saying that...perhaps he needs a break because i need a break also from his ''activities''.

So many young stars are so acting grown up right now and they are actually immature in everything they do, and i wonder what their publicist or P.R Managers are doing to curb their excesses...same goes to Justin Bieber who has suddenly turned himself to a Don and acting all ghetto these days.

In his words Chris expressed grief over the rot that has bitten deep into social media.
“Social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons,” the “Don’t Judge Me” singer wrote in a brief post. “So with that, I’m detaching myself from that world.” He said...I guess he can't stand the various comments flying around again and he has truly had his fair chance at stardom, a well fulfilled journey of mixed blessings...just go into a charitable project and stay off music and social media for a long time Chris.


Star ships were meant to just flown away from her nest as she has dumped her boyfriend and that means it is not a good time to ask Nicki to do some make over show for anyone..According to RadarOnline, the “American Idol” judge’s longtime music producer beau propositioned a number of young ladies recently during a party at a friends house in Los Angeles...with an ex-porn star actually.“She agreed to give Safaree oral sex,but for a price.”

Onika Tanya Maraj, known by her stage name Nicki Minaj, is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer-songwriter, voice actress and television personality. She was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago. This is really like a super bass.

One source tells the site, “He was repeatedly turned down flat, but eventually got lucky after finding a girl that agreed to fulfill his sexual desires -in return for a sum of cash!” “[The party] was really wild and packed with women, some of whom were doing Ecstacy. Everyone recognized Safaree the moment he walked in, and all the women also recognized the fact that he’s Nicki Minaj’s man.”
I am certain she will get over it, perhaps by going to the studios and cooking up some track..a cool way to get over any break up i say...this is no pink perhaps this dude just wanted to catch some fun and he dare not say he his tired of Nicki because she is well figured and a successful woman at that...Nicki, lets just say ''big girls do not cry''.



Justin Randall Timberlake is an American actor, businessman, and singer-songwriter, and that makes it obvious why he is on and off certain line of our interest, as we know he took a break off music to concentrate on his acting career...and a success at that..Timberlake became famous in the late 1990s as the lead singer and youngest member of the boy band, N Sync..His first two albums made him one of the most commercially successful singers in the world, each selling in excess of 7 million copies.

Justin is finally  married to Jessica Biel, after so much ups and downs of their relationship...they finally tied the knot on October 19, 2012 in Italy..Justin Timberlake will be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards for the first time since 2009. Timberlake last took to the Grammy stage during the 2009 ceremony, where he memorably sang with Al Green. Before focusing his attention on acting, he racked up six golden Gramophone trophies for his music.

Other acts scheduled to entertain during the biggest night in music include Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert, the Black Keys, Fun., the Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Jack White, as well as a Elton John and Ed Sheeran duet.

He will also be performing alongside Beyonce at the BRIT Awards in UK...this is where a lot of fans will be opportuned to see his new single performance, suit and tie, a song he featured Jay Z..

Meanwhile, he has put on hold baby plans with Jessica Biel due to his music tour..i hope she can understand long enough to wait for Justin to conclude his break into his music career


Now, i am so sure a lot of people have been waiting to hear a gist like this, even though it is not yet confirmed...i have a feeling the world is about to witness another break up between Wizkid and Banky(EME)..An insight on this was Wizkid’s absence at the Lagos Countdown Concert on New Year Eve, even though Banky W claimed Wizkid was sick, as other sources reported contradicting stories of him partying in the United Kingdom..

 Another obvious indication of the possible music break-up is that his Twitter Bio now reads, Management @DisturbingLDN @Godwin Tom with no mention whatsoever of E.M.E Records. I am concerned about artistes who break up with their management due to financial returns because i think Wizkid was actually getting a good return, even before the whole international flow.

There have been reports stating that Konvict music is offering Wizkid a more lucrative offer than what E.M.E is offering, which explains why the singer decided not to drop an album again this year and opted for the mixtape instead. If these reports are true, then, Wizkid is actually a kid and needs a good guide before he becomes a version of Dbanj who seems to have lost his pedigree among Nigerians, especially me.

Wizzy has  an international management and recording contract with British rapper, Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing London outfit and Akon’s  Konvict Records respectively and so, is it a case of trying to eat your cake and having it or more like a greedy fellow who wants to eat everything all at once, without considering some factors...someone should check Wizkid very well before he looses all at once, in terms of his music value which has a lot of nigerianess in it.

This brings in the subject of loyalty in the music industry, if going by what Banky has done in the life of this ''boy'', he needs to be spanked at the back..Well, it is just a reflection of what kind of music industry we groom in Nigeria, selfish interests, greed, laziness and all sorts..everyone seems to be looking for a short cut to stardom as hardworking artistes are no longer promoted..Banky is truly a brand maker for Wizkid and so, if he is truly EME right now..i am so sorry for him because the value of his music can never be the same again.


I hope the producers of Unscripted will not fool us with this image as part of a clip in Jim Iyke's reality show, Unscripted because i do not buy it, even if it is real...Jim was hosted by the Nigerian Ambassador (Nimota Akanbi) to the Netherlands..The reality show which is going to be televised on Africa Magic for a year is expected to rake in an estmiated 77million naira.

I see it as a good initiative to reveal yourself more to your fans and your country men but i hope this is not part of his unscripted he his talking about..seems like a financial return into his own pocket..and why are they all running to the cable television and not beaming on our local television, is there some kind of financial gain or what?

I hope all this stars know that a reality show is meant to give some answers to some questions your fans are always asking..a reality show is meant to give insight into doubts and serve as a correction against wrong impressions..please, know what your doing and do not show off because we have had enough of that already.