Thursday, 7 February 2013


Waooooh...I just reached 500 Published posts and am really glad about it, i started blogging last year May and so far, it has been cool writing creative contents from entertainment, politics, social and regular news reports...I have also written about social issues affecting us as Nigerians and ready to do more..

I am very grateful to everyone who takes time to go online and read my is amazing to know that globalization has taken a good effect on me by having the privilege to write and get it read all over the world..Blogging is actually fun, if you are interested in writing, and not just for the fun, there has to be a reason why you have taken that step.

I will endeavor not to bore you but keep you inspired, enlightened and also laugh out loud...i am also inspired by great bloggers in Nigeria and the world at large..Lets get the party started...