Friday, 1 February 2013


I hope the producers of Unscripted will not fool us with this image as part of a clip in Jim Iyke's reality show, Unscripted because i do not buy it, even if it is real...Jim was hosted by the Nigerian Ambassador (Nimota Akanbi) to the Netherlands..The reality show which is going to be televised on Africa Magic for a year is expected to rake in an estmiated 77million naira.

I see it as a good initiative to reveal yourself more to your fans and your country men but i hope this is not part of his unscripted he his talking about..seems like a financial return into his own pocket..and why are they all running to the cable television and not beaming on our local television, is there some kind of financial gain or what?

I hope all this stars know that a reality show is meant to give some answers to some questions your fans are always asking..a reality show is meant to give insight into doubts and serve as a correction against wrong impressions..please, know what your doing and do not show off because we have had enough of that already.