Saturday, 2 February 2013


I got a comment from a senior administrative colleague based on my post where i referred the valentine's day as a dream of every of most Nigerian girls but she says it is also a dream for guys too..well, she is right to an extent because some guys will be looking for where to exercise their sexual urge by buying the girls off with gifts..some of which they can never give to their real girls or wives.

For the responsible guys, this is just one of those special moments of the year where they can rekindle their love for their partner in the best way possible, hanging out at the cinema, dinner, bedroom romance and all is a special day for those who truly believe, eat, drink and dine with love..for others, playing and fooling along is just the clue...pretending to be in love.

I am just happy that the date did not fall towards the last day of the month, as salaries are being paid then..and what excuse would you give your girl, more so, if you are a civil servant..the economy is not friendly, so a lot guys will have to work extra hard to do something or else, a short cut is just what most girls will follow..and they should know something must go for something.