Saturday, 2 February 2013


I know most Nigerian ladies will oppose my statement and will rather pretend the day does not mean anything to them but if am to sample opinions right now, every girl wants to be spoilt that day..please don't get me wrong..if you are in a superb and mind blowing relationship which is close to marriage, there is absolutely nothing wrong in you getting wet with the best of gift, including the new blackberry phone coming message is to the desperate ones.

My message for those of you who are trying to eat your cake and have it...think twice or you might end up like an earthquake..completely useless and no gain...This is the time some girls do a trial and error thingy where they sample out guys and trust me, if you show your desperate for gift to any guy, sex is the only reward and you might also be carried away with gifts and drinks...and end up a baby mama, which you might not plan the way, a lot of babies will be conceived that day, perhaps, valentine's day should also be the world's conception day..

I like Nigerian girls..they do not slack because for them, everything comes with a price tag and while some are cheap, others are quite expensive for some guys..its just a sex day..sorry, love day for lovers.

Just like a lecturer of mine said, if you have two sweets, a wrapped one drops on the floor and there is another unwrapped one just placed somewhere..he then asked the class which one each of us would consume and everyone says the wrapped one...and he says to the girls, stop exposing your fronts,backs and central because a man will always go for a well covered girl because he wants to know whats hidden and he will marry her by finding revealing but thats the gospel truth.

So ladies, enjoy that day well but remember to be smart about yourself and know what you want in life...happy valentine's day