Saturday, 2 February 2013


Once upon a time in Nigeria, Our homes were filled with the melodies of great gospel acts such as Funmi Aragbaiye, Bola Are, Panam Percy Paul and many others..and there came another era when the likes Bouqui, Midnite Crew, Segun Obe, Lara George stole our heart away with their contemporary approach to worshiping God...but presently, i cannot smell that soup again, where is that moment?

Gospel Music was the heartbeat of Nigeria some years back, it was joy to listen to them because of their realness and lyrical content that touched a lot of us, all thanks to our emotional nature, i do remember the Good Women Choir of CAC, Ibadan..their songs are still evergreen, especially when the year is ending but the story is no longer the seems the new generation of gospel singers have lost their tracks and now hide under inspirational music by diffusing some circular mix into it...that is not gospel guys.

I will like to be blunt here and throw some stones at the likes of Kefee, Kenny Saint brown,Lanre Teriba, Infinity and some others who have turned their selves to a commercial artiste by assuming they are lifting our souls up wit their new found is totally wrong and not in anyway attached to what evolves back then.

I will also like to commend the effort of Lara George, Onas, Yinka Ayefele, Psalm Ebube and some new generation..i know there is a lot of commercial concentration on circular artistry and everyone wants to be picked up by a brand as an ambassador or get a chance to perform at their huge financial, i see the reason for that rush by gospel artistes to do something you can view as i have to blame them...?

In the present state of Nigeria, many are looking for songs that will calm their spirit, body and soul..and not songs that do not inspire them to believe and hope for a greater Nigeria..Nudity has invaded the lives of many we have to also inspire with girls shaking their bum and acting seductively...We need that lost era back in our lives, our coming generations need to be filled with greatness and our circular might not do justice to just saying