Friday, 1 February 2013


Now, i am so sure a lot of people have been waiting to hear a gist like this, even though it is not yet confirmed...i have a feeling the world is about to witness another break up between Wizkid and Banky(EME)..An insight on this was Wizkid’s absence at the Lagos Countdown Concert on New Year Eve, even though Banky W claimed Wizkid was sick, as other sources reported contradicting stories of him partying in the United Kingdom..

 Another obvious indication of the possible music break-up is that his Twitter Bio now reads, Management @DisturbingLDN @Godwin Tom with no mention whatsoever of E.M.E Records. I am concerned about artistes who break up with their management due to financial returns because i think Wizkid was actually getting a good return, even before the whole international flow.

There have been reports stating that Konvict music is offering Wizkid a more lucrative offer than what E.M.E is offering, which explains why the singer decided not to drop an album again this year and opted for the mixtape instead. If these reports are true, then, Wizkid is actually a kid and needs a good guide before he becomes a version of Dbanj who seems to have lost his pedigree among Nigerians, especially me.

Wizzy has  an international management and recording contract with British rapper, Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing London outfit and Akon’s  Konvict Records respectively and so, is it a case of trying to eat your cake and having it or more like a greedy fellow who wants to eat everything all at once, without considering some factors...someone should check Wizkid very well before he looses all at once, in terms of his music value which has a lot of nigerianess in it.

This brings in the subject of loyalty in the music industry, if going by what Banky has done in the life of this ''boy'', he needs to be spanked at the back..Well, it is just a reflection of what kind of music industry we groom in Nigeria, selfish interests, greed, laziness and all sorts..everyone seems to be looking for a short cut to stardom as hardworking artistes are no longer promoted..Banky is truly a brand maker for Wizkid and so, if he is truly EME right now..i am so sorry for him because the value of his music can never be the same again.