Saturday, 30 March 2013


The new story, Girls Only, tells the tale of four young ladies and how they deal in different ways with the childhood memories of abandonment by their father, a man who strongly desired a boy. The story highlight the preference for the male child over the girl child even in today’s “enlightened” society, and the lifelong effects it can have on the girl child. 

Girls Only, which is produced by Olatubosun Olaegbe, stars Kate Adepegba, Kehinde Bankole, Mary Lazarus, Odenike Odetola, Omowunmi Dada and a host of other bigwigs in the Nigerian film and television industry. The story is written by Tubosun Olasimbo and directed by the young and talented Adeola Osunkojo.

Genesis Studios has always been known for a Porsche television production with a finesse in quality actors, scripts and beautiful locations...It is known for its Youthful Television programme, Chat Street and for the Award Winning So Wrong So Wright...Then, it delved into celebrating womanhood: their life, challenges, aspirations et al by coming up with Tales of Eve, A TV Series...GIRLS ONLY! will premiere 14th April, 2013 on African Independent Television.AIT at 9pm.

Friday, 29 March 2013


According to City People Magazine, Mikel Obi may be the next celebrity to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend, Sandra Okagbue. “The two love birds who have been dating for almost 3 years now have decided to seal the relationship. Their introduction comes up next Sunday March 31 at Sandra’s family home in Onitsha.

Sandra Okagbue and Mikel met about three years ago during one of Mikel’s visit to Nigeria and they’ve been together ever since. According to family sources, Mikel is so in love with Sandra that he has invested millions to settle her family, most especially the family’s residence located at Ajao Estate, which had Mikel’s financial blessing.

During preparations for the 2003 FIFA Under-17 World Championships, the Nigerian Football Association mistakenly submitted "Michael" as "Mikel" for the tournament in Finland. He decided to keep the new name, saying that it had a special ring to it. On 31 July 2006, he stated that he prefers to be called Mikel John Obi instead of John Obi Mikel, as he had most commonly been called.

Sandra Okagbue is an Ex-Beauty Queen and also a three time Queen of Delta Soap in Nigeria... Mikel surely has eyes for good fruits...This development will definitely not come as a surprise to most of their friends. This is because their romance has grown stronger by the day that Sandra has been a live-in-lover of the Chelsea midfielder in his UK home. Can this one be bigger than the Idibia's...?


The name Ayiri Emami to me does not ring a bell until i watched his wedding Carnival on Bisi Olatilo Show...There i had my mouth opened up until i realised i had to close it...Tuface was at the reception ground performing, with Dbanj, Yinka Ayefele, Psquare and many other notable Acts. This is a wedding where Ali Baba, Basket mouth and Many other comedians performed live, with so many bill boards all around the City for 'announcing his 'ARRIVAL'.

I want to believe there is something binding Tuface and Ayiri together..This Warri born oil magnate gave 2face and Annie N20 million Naira and ferried his yacht from the US to Dubai for their wedding....Nigerians are really big boys o..there are also reports all over the internet that Ayiri was sacked from the Delta State Governor's Cabinet...well, i do not think that rings any bell somehow about his wealth...

He is reputed to be a big time businessman in Delta state - he owns the 911 Beach & Resort Ugborodo, Chevron officials even visited the facility to show you the type of high profile it has in Delta state...Apart from that... he's been the Vice chairman of the Delta Waterways Security Committee (DWSC), meaning he would have received significant amounts of money in the form of 'security votes' both from the Government and from the oil companies operating in the area.

Perhaps we now know why Tuface had his wedding all the way in Dubai..So, you all should keep your hate to yourselves because money speaks louder for some decision making...just saying


Marriage is such a beautiful thing for some people like Funke Akindele, irrespective of what anyone might be thinking now...This pictures speak a lot about rest of mind and happiness, except of course, this is just a PR. Stunt to show that she is happily married...but i do not want to be in that school of thought...


The media has incessantly been calling her fat and even went so far as to compare her to a killer whale. She's pregnant and obviously weight gain is going to happen! With that being said, I do not believe that the reality star is 140 pounds, as Extra reported. I think the main issue for Kim is her outfit choices. She says that she has only gained 20 pounds, but at 5-foot-2 that can look like a lot of weight. Unfortunately instead of attempting to dress more towards her even-curvier body, Kim has been attempting to squeeze into smaller and more absurd pieces.

Kardashian, 32, is clearly having problems accepting her new shape...She is trying so hard to protect those curves...all at the expense of the baby, thereby, loosing her sense of fashion.This is totally crazy for anyone to wear tight fitting clothes during when pregnant, how about a sense to have some space to breath..She truly has a problem and i hope the baby is not deformed at the end of the day and which of her fashion icons told her that leather and pregnancy goes well..?

I wonder what her mother, sisters and family members are doing about this..even Kanye West who is a fashion label owner should have some little advise..i guess they are all carried away with the whole pregnancy and publicity thrills that no one gives a hoot about how kim looks and the curves seems to be insured.


For every reason that counts....I am looking for this sexy screen icon and why is everyone not concerned..alright, before you think am in love with her...Stella Damasus Aboderin is an A-list actress in Nigeria and she knows her job well...Is she still alive...?

She was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009 and she has acted with most of the hot guys of Nollywood; Ramsey Nouah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Pat Attah, Emeka Ike and so on..This is a woman who has gone through a lot in life; from marriage to career...

We all know that Stella Damasus and her new beau, Emeka Nzeribe whom she got married to in a low-profile a couple of months back have gone their separate ways over allegation of incompatibility, infidelity and disrespect to marital vows on the part of the actress cum singer, Stella Damasus.

Well, i guess she is certainly involved in a lot of projects, which are far less trouble than the drama that comes with being an actress in Naija, She has fully gone into Music and the Wig business for ladies...So, i guess she is very much alive doing her thing..being a star comes with its good and bad days...Stella has truly had her own share of it.


Actress, Clarion Chkwura (mother), and music video director, Clarence Peters (son) photo shoot for Motherhood InStyle Magazine cover. Clarence is the project result of the whirlwind romance between Clarion Chukwura and Afrojuju singer, Sir Shina Peters. Clarence Single-handedly raised by Clarion who gave birth to him at 17...This story is what turning to a movie i must say.

This is what she says in an interview cut online-I have no regret for coming across Shina Peters in life. In fact, if I have to play the role of Yemi in Money Power I’ll play it again. And if again I have to meet Shina Peters in the film, I’ll want to meet him again. In life, there is no gain without pain. The maturity process that I had to go through with my son, Clarence, after Money Power was a process of great pain. It was a process that brought out people in their real colours. It showed me how fickle people can be; how pretentious and mean people can be. It was a process of condemnation. Just because I had Clarence I was labeled a slot. I was written off.

The only thing they couldn’t do was write me off in my career because I was damn good. I was a good actress, so you couldn’t just help but work with me. People said all sorts of things about me; they did not give me a chance. It was a journey that taught me that life itself is a journey. But, as I said, there is no gain without pain. And it had to be like that because Clarence is a child of destiny. If it wasn’t like that then the purpose of God for his life wouldn’t have been actualized. Clarence’s life would have been cut short somewhere along the line during the days of struggle. So, asking me if I would do it all over again, my answer is that I would follow the will of God for my life.

My mother took over by the time Clarence was two months old. At this time, I was back fully on stage at the University of Ibadan Performing Company. And by the time he was four I was in Badagry for the rehearsals of The King Must Dance unclothed. I didn’t see Clarence again from when he was two to when he was nine months old. Clarence is not angry with his father. You see, Clarence is a highly mature person. His understanding is above the mundane. My life with Clarence does not revolve around telling him that your father did this or that.

We grew up together. My life actually started with him. By the time I was 22 and he was three and a half years old, Clarence was already seeing and relating with what our lives were like. You don’t need to start telling Clarence anything because it was a life he lived. He was a part of the experiences. Most of the artistes of my generation that Clarence calls uncles and aunties he didn’t just start calling them that and running to them; he has known them way back. 

Today, Clarence Peters is a top shot when it comes to a world class music video work and he knows his mastery well enough to earn your music a Grammy...Clarence attended Government College, Ikorodu and Camp David Academy Secondary School, Ogba. As a kid, Clarence worked as an actor with Owner of SoundCity, Tajudeen Adepetu for two years.

He starting directing at just 18 years of age when he directed 40 episodes of the TV series "Everyday People". He later moved to South Africa where he attended the City-Varsity Summon Television Academy in Cape Town and gained a degree in directing and cinematography. He returned to Nigeria to direct his first music video, Fuji by Darey. He founded CAPital Hill record label with his secondary school mate and friend, Tha Suspect who is also an artiste under the label.


There are various claims that Kanye West roots for the illuminati..He is certainly on his game when it comes to Music Mastery, Fashion and also a lovey-dovey life with Kim Kard...that which we have no clue where its heading to, despite their baby expectation..Now Kanye is in the news again but this time, very awkward and absurd.

Reports says Kanye West will title his upcoming album-I AM GOD..i actually laughed when i saw this online and made sure i wrote about this...Kanye would have lost his game if he actually comes out with such an album because everyone will now see him as something else...

So much is going on in his life and its funny he has also engaged Kim into such drama because Kim has also lost her fashion sense in maternity and she also tweets some uncultured statements about certain this what pregnancy does to people?

Kanye West has been known for his controversial statements and pictures just like this one...Kanye West made headlines back in 2006 when he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns, covered in blood dressed as Jesus Christ on the cross. That was controversial at the time...what a life!....Meanwhile, he intends naming his coming child-North, whatever that means but i am totally against some actions of this man and that includes misappropriate use of the Christian Faith...

If Kanye really titles his new album I Am God, people will surely react to it. Religious buffs, Fox News and Illuminati conspiracy theorists would have a ball...If you know what i mean....words cannot explain what will befall him, if he truly brings out that album.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


 It is no longer news that Tuface and Annie Macaulay went all the way to Dubai to become One family, A ceremony that some Nigerians frowned at because they wanted to be part of the great occasion but one of the significant part of the wedding ceremony was the exchange of vows..It is a moment that connects the couples together and those words must be true from the heart..Get inspired with the words of Tubaba and Annie...

This is what Annie said..
 “I stand before you today as open as I can ever be, humbled by the light and love in your eyes. 13 years ago, I met the most amazing man on earth! I flew on the wings of that love, uncaring, unheeding! Believing firmly that you are and will always be the wind beneath my wings
Life happened, oh yes Life happened but through it all my heart beat only for you! My heartbreak became my greatest joy! My strength! My life! Day after day I am more in love with you!
When people ask me what is love! I say Love is right here! This moment! This second! Today! Tomorrow! Love is you! Love is real! Love is my eternity with you Innocent Ujah Idibia.
I give you all of me today knowing that in you and you only has this imperfect girl found perfection!!! I do 13 years ago when I met you, I do seven years ago, I do five years ago when we created our daughter! I do through all the blogs and tabloid headlines And on this day, at this very second I stand in front of the world and I say I do take you as my wedded husband! I love you!
I love you so much, so so much”
Annie Idibia. 
And then, Tuface replies...
Many years ago I was farther than the eyes could see.
Now we are now in that future
When I look into your eyes, I still see
You came into my life and you lit it up
Like the sun, like the moon, like the stars
All the words in the dictionary
All the words in this world can not be enough
To say what my heart feels for you.
But all I can say is baby, my heart is like a stereo right now
And it will beat only for you till death do us part.
I love you baby.
Innocent Idibia


It is widely said that behind every successful man, there is a, ''Woe unto that Man", if the woman cannot add value to the life of her man..In the case of Tuface, there are three value added services to his life that has come to stay...These three kids, Rose, Justin and the one she had last year were conceived by Pero Adeniyi, a name that is so familiar with Tubaba.

Pero Adeniyi is based in the US and according to online reports was in the country for business but was not seen at 2face’s wedding to Annie Idibia even at the traditional wedding in Eket on March 8. None of 2face’s children from his other relationships were said to have attended their father’s wedding either.

Mrs Idibia should be ready to manage her home because all other children might decide they want to live with Daddy..but I know Tuface is quite graced to do the right things and he needs to be very careful because women are capable of anything once they have determined to fulfill the needs of their heart.


Former South African President Nelson Mandela has been admitted to the hospital for a recurring lung infection..Mandela, 94, who spent 18 days in the hospital in December for a lung infection and gallstones, as well as spent a night in a hospital and was released on March 10 following a medical test, was admitted just before midnight Wednesday.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a South African anti-apartheid activist, revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first to be elected in a fully representative, multiracial election.

On the day of his release from prison, Mandela made a speech to the nation. He declared his commitment to peace and reconciliation with the country's white minority, but made it clear that the ANC's armed struggle was not yet over: "our resort to the armed struggle in 1960 with the formation of the military wing of the ANC was a purely defensive action against the violence of apartheid. The factors which necessitated the armed struggle still exist today. We have no option but to continue. We express the hope that a climate conducive to a negotiated settlement would be created soon, so that there may no longer be the need for the armed struggle.

During the course of Mandela's presidency, a wide range of progressive social reforms were enacted, aimed at reducing long-entrenched social and economic inequalities in South Africa. As part of these reforms, free health care was introduced in 1994 for all children under the age of six together with pregnant and breastfeeding women making use of public sector health facilities.

Mandela became the oldest elected President of South Africa when he took office at the age of 75 in 1994. He decided not to stand for a second term and retired in 1999, to be succeeded by Thabo Mbeki. In June 2004, at age 85, Mandela announced that he would be retiring from public life. His health had been declining, and he wanted to enjoy more time with his family. Mandela said that he did not intend to hide away totally from the public, but wanted to be in a position "of calling you to ask whether I would be welcome, rather than being called upon to do things and participate in events. My appeal therefore is: Don't call me, I will call you...

Nelson Mandela has truly lived a life worthy of emulation...A life that gives every black man a confidence and driving spirit to be proud of at all times..The truth is that, the world is waiting for his death, as some see his continual visit to the hospital as a sign that death is near for this great man..but we are not his creator. If he dies today or tomorrow, he will be regarded as my world's greatest legend because he has done incredibly well for every African blood and his name will forever live in our heart.

South African President, Jacob Zuma, said in a statement, “We appeal to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their thoughts. We have full confidence in the medical team and know that they will do everything possible to ensure recovery.”

Saturday, 16 March 2013


This is what Kemi Olunloyo, Daughter of a Former Governor of Oyo State said concerning her boobs...
Ladies!!! It’s NOT a BRA. Its a bikini top with a WIRE, the latest with tight short mini skirts. I’ve always told u my breasts are healthy, self exam on the 11th of the month for chest cancer lumps, no implants. I have told ppl on social media that my breasts are firm, bosoms pointed and hard and my wish is to get my pumpkins to half of Cossy’s.
I will be 49 in August. Wonder why my sons tell their pals I am SEXY and make my pics their profile pic on FB.
Nigerian women, #KeepITReal and stop the shit pretending. Keep ur pumpkins healthy. #LifestyleTIP. No make up and stay natural in the pool. POST YOUR PICS if ur woman is SEXIER!

Oh in case you don’t know who she is, one can describe Kemi Olunloyo in many ways, an outspoken journalist, media expert, advocate, politician, deportee, the list goes on. She is also the daughter of former governor of Oyo State – she is one outspoken woman that keeps on talking even when it threatens her life, she’s come under attack so many times but that has not stopped her in any way from posting comments online…

I really do not know what to say because she is a daring woman who gives no shit about your opinion, she has been at the center of social media controversies..Gist has it that she is heading for the Senate House in 2015 and by the way, this what her blog says about her...

Kemi is 46, lives in Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria with her mother.. Bi-Polar, Unmarried,Arrested and deported from Canada,warrants for her arrest in Georgia USA. Has 3 bastard children, desperate to become a martyr, father was a governor for 3 MONTHS,overthrown because he’s a thief. She suffers from brain damage,obsessed with the internet and celebrities. Documented Delusional, Sociopath, Scizophrenic,Narcissist. All posts are factual. Make sure you bookmark us. (CTRL+D)


There is always something about Cossy that trips me..she never hides her feelings for something, especially MEN...and i mean REAL MEN..She is so passionate about the Football game as she expresses interest in whatever dangles within their shorts on the field of play, and also a muscle freak...This is so amazing.

She is so crazy about Mikel Obi and what else might be good and heavenly for Mikel to rest his whole future on the ''Pillow of Life" which is very much available...I really do not know why a lot celebs in Naija are crazy about Footballers but i guess Cossy has given an answer on their behalf.

These are two single people and Marriage, dating, one night standing are the only things that can bring these two together..when next you see Cossy at a football match, i doubt if she is there for the round leather thrills...?

Cossy Orjiakor is a notable controversial Actress and Singer in Nigeria..She has been linked to so many top society men in the country and i must she gives no crap about what we think...So, do not be surprised when a thing or two happens between her and Mikel...after all, there is lots of cash to play around with


The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is blessed so many talents who still practice their craft even when it is a case of past glory..Such is the case of OC Lee..just look to the extreme right of this picture and tell me if you recognize this brother...Do you remember the Sunday Rendezvous on NTA ?

I guess he was the party compere at Monalisa's daughter's birthday gig in Lagos...He sure knows his worth but so many talents have emanated since then but all credit must be given to him for what he did back then..

Oc Lee is a rare personality back then, his craft was genuine and classic because i followed most of his activities on TV. It is a good thing that he is very much alive, even at his age to display his talent before his people.


Monalisa just like ''Stella" might have gotten her groove back, considering the recent happy moments in her life..Her daughter just clocked five and our Nollywood Queen celebrated that day like never before, as lots of kids and colleagues were present to show some love...Another Gentleman witnessed there is Lanre Nzeribe..He has been linked in the past with some celebrity women..

I guess we should be happy for Monalisa who has finally moved on from all the drama that occured in her life, especially her marriage to Dejo Richards...Mr Lanre Nzeribe has been in the fore front of Monalisa's project and the best thing that could happen to them is marriage...

Break and Make Ups aint new in Nigeria again but i hope this will put a lasting smile on the face of this lady..they were actually playing hide and seek with the whole love seems like a confirmed tale right now..She says she has found love and that its for real this time...and i thought, what really went wrong with her first for thought Monalisa.

We can't help but wish you well before your love life becomes a blockbuster in the movie market and please, put your daughter's happiness into consideration..a birthday bash is not the only center of happiness in the universe, moreso, Lanre has his own children too...


It is only a creative Producer that will think of making a couple out of these two Nollywood Acts who carved a niche of being Clowns in some movies..Funke Akindele who is more like a cross over Actress and Nkem Owoh...I really can't wait to see the outcome of such a marriage.

This will draw viewership from both the Yoruba and Igbo Genre because these are top favorites of most Nigerians..Thumbs up to Nollywood, even though you guys are still crawling in some aspects of film making.


All thanks i guess to Channels Television, Mr Obafaiye Shem, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, has been suspended...This is following his awkward responses to very simple questions is being asked on Sunrise Daily. There are still many "Oga at the Top" fellows within the Civil service family who are even worse than this many cannot operate a computer system, so many cannot write a proposal, so many do not have manners during a meeting...and many more.

It brings to the fact that our civil service is dying or perhaps dead..I am a civil servant within the Media and i know how worrisome it is when people do not understand certain sentences of the English Language or statements pertaining to their job description...and yet we say, employment is hard..who will employ if such traits are noticed during an interview...I will never waist my Pay on such an employee.

It is sad but we just need to sit tight and know how to run our system in many things are going wrong...


These pictures here speak for themselves, along with my headline post..Nigerians are very desperate when it comes to opportunities like this..When there is an Oil leakage, there is trouble on who gets the most portion, I remember when a truck carrying cartons of beer fell at Surulere, Lagos...It was like festival to the guys around there..everyone had a full free day of beer at no extra cost or down payment...and there are several chances like that in Nigeria for guys to grab.

This fish here should have known better not to swim pass the Atlantic side from Lagos, that is if it was not dead before these guys found it...According to Wikipedia, this pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) is one of three species of toothed whale in the sperm whale family and they are not often sighted at sea; most of what is known about them comes from the examination of stranded specimens.

Well, i am not concerned about the study of this Whale but about my fellow Nigerians who make me laugh every time...Quite predictably, residents of Magbon-Alade area of Ibeju Lekki and fun seekers descended on the mammal with their machetes, knives, jigsaws and every other type of sharp object as everyone wanted to have a piece of its flesh...I do hope the sharing formula wasn't a problem at the end of the day.

I really do think the specie of that fish would have been useful for Academic study and in return, produces a better educational platform for Nigerians but this is not the first time we hear of such cases...any whale found nosing around such area will definitely end up as a gorgeous meal for several families...and that is simply Christmas in March, as every worry or problem will be pushed aside for that moment...the truth is that, you never can tell the last time they tasted fish, which proves the level of poverty in Nigeria.


African Magic is an household brand channel in Africa and when this idea came up, it was completely welcomed by most followers of the Film industry in Africa..It is a viewers choice and that makes it unique in a way, except if other factors were outlined to get the winners..The most significant thing about this award was the glam and posh behind the stage and the guests present, from the actors, producers, directors and major corporate brands present...the type you can get at the Oscars.

An expert judging panel with a wealth of continental and international experience; and led by AMVCA Head Judge, Femi Odugbemi; were responsible for selecting the winners in non-viewer voted categories. The panel included Antonio Katakwe, Charles Asiba, Desiree Markgraaff, Joyce Fissoo, Kole Omotoso, Linus Abrahams, Simon Ratcliffe, Steph Ogundele and Zik Zulu Okafor.

The category wins for Best Supporting Cast in a Drama went to Uganda’s Matthew Nabwiso for A Good Catholic Girl and Kenya’s Maureen Koech for Lies That Bind. The prestigious award for Best Director went to another Nigerian, Akin Omotoso for Man on Ground. The announcement of the winners of the hotly-contested Best Movie Overall and Best Television categories produced the biggest ovation of the night, with Otelo Burning and The XYZ Show scooping top honours.

Big individual winners on the night included Nigeria’s Mercy Johnson as Best Actress in Comedy for Dumebi – The Dirty Girl, Ghanaian Jackie Appiah as Best Actress in Drama for Perfect Picture, Nigeria’s Hafiz Oyetoro as Best Actor in Comedy for House a Part and his compatriot and OC Ukeje as Best Actor in Drama for Two Brides and a Baby.

This might shake the standard created by African Movie Academy Awards(AMAA), which most people have come to recognize as the big screen awards...but with the emergence of the AMVCA, premiered in Lagos..the battle has just begun for other top notch awards...and for the actors, this is a time to up their game and prove they still have some seats in the Film Industry.

As for me, watching the event live on TV, makes me feel i was at the Oscars...The pre-event red carpet saw the stars dazzle, flaunting the finest continental fashion.  Capturing all the glitz was a team of on-air personalities, including Big Brother alumni Uti Nwachukwu and Nic Wang’ondu alongside Eku Edewor, Dolopo Oni, Sarah Hassan and Helen Paul.


In Nigeria, there are always several sides to most of our News stories that emanates everyday, most especially, reports around our political existence as a nation..i am sure the international community is aware to an extent that our democracy is still developing due to certain factors that surround the leadership routine...

The Presidential Pardon is big and beyond our thinking, It is a complete political brotherly game being played by Mr President and he alone can give true reasons for such an act, when it is vividly clear who the guilty one is..It is a shame to most of us, even the American Community tweeted a reply to this effect..This is Naija, like most people will say and anything can happen.

Have we thought for a while..Could there be any connection or link between these two people or Is he involved in the prospect of Goodluck Jonathan, or perhaps, Mr President has a game plan ahead of our presidential elections..This man called Goodluck surely knows what he is doing..whether the media or citizens scream their hearts out..

Is it possible for a brother to be in a leadership position and watch his blood suffer, even when his guilty of a certain crime..It is not possible, blood they say is thicker than water..but my worry is that the Nigerian political game involves a lot of betrayal, backbiting and several evil deeds..i do hope the President knows what he is doing because "What goes around comes around"..Hence, the fingers will point back to him.

According to a source, who spoke to Punch Newspaper, “Everything is political. Alamieyeseigha has a senatorial ambition; the ex-militants are angry with the President. The President wants the man to intervene and speak with the ex-militants as 2015 approaches.”..But Special Assistant (Media) to the President, Bolaji Adebiyi thinks differently. “The idea of a presidential pardon was not novel; it is not happening for the first time; it is not peculiar to Nigeria and there is a process.

I do not care about all these presidential drama queens who parade as Advisers...after all, their paychecks and allowances are not delayed till 2 months after..It is evident President Jonathan seeks a come back and granting a pardon is the only noble idea he can parade for us..2015 is just around the usual, Nigerians will decide via a vote, if only they will allow it count.


I love accepting the fact that because we are human, certain things occur in our life and we just allow them to buy time, rather than kill ourselves over it..In the case of Love and its challenges, the worst issues in a relationship could make us do certain things that we did not plan for...

Amelia Damonte, the childhood love of new Pope Francis discloses how young Bergoglio took on church affairs to become a priest after She stated how she got beaten by her father for receiving a love letter from Jorge Mario Bergoglio at 12 years old, and how he had said to her- “if I can’t marry you, I will become a priest”.

How many present guys of this generation can do that...? To become a priest, a Father, if you cannot have your way into the hearts of a woman because her parents do not permit you in her life...that is so romantic in a way..Although, Amalia and Bergoglio were neighbours in Bueno Aires, her parents were strictly against her union with him.

She will forever live in his heart, even as a priest and Head of the Vatican City...“He had drawn for me a house which had a red roof and said that it was the house he was going to buy for me when we were married...“I never saw him after that – my parents kept me away from him and did everything possible to separate us”...I do not know if its still possible to build her the dream house but am certain she will be praying for him, now that he has been given a job to lead the Catholic Faithfuls all over the world.

Pointing to the Pope’s initial conditional intent of becoming a priest, his younger sister Maria Elena revealed that Bergoglio admitted to her that he never wanted to become Pope...“He didn’t want to be Pope and when we chatted privately about it we joked at the prospect and he would say, ‘No, please no’.

I didn’t want him to become Pope because he’s going to be very far away and second because it is such a large responsibility. But I am also totally proud that he is the new Pope – because he’s the first from outside Europe, because he’s Latin American, he’s Argentine and he”s my brother.”

We should always acknowledge our good past and continue to cherish those that affect our lives positively..because they are certainly part of our future, i am sure the Pope knows this and he is human and blood runs in his vein...


Michelle Obama is one first lady who has got a personae that drives inspiration all over the world, just like her husband, she speaks with love, passion and commitment that they have Americans in their heart always...but her simple stylish dressing is what drives me is so amazing i must say.

Despite her financial information exposed by online hackers earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama is gracing the April 2013 issue of Vogue Magazine. During a sit down the magazine, Mrs. Obama talked about the stresses and pressures of her job (being the First Lady of the President, a wife and mother) along with her daughters (Natasha and Malia) living a normal.

On the stresses and pressures of her job:
“The stresses and the pressures of this job are so real that when you get a minute, you want to give that extra energy to your fourteen- and eleven-year-old. . . .” “Although,” her husband says, a big grin spreading across his face, “as I joked at a press conference, now that they want less time with us, who knows? Maybe you’ll see us out in the clubs.”

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is the wife of the 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African-American First Lady of the United States...She is a Fashion role model and an inspiration most American Women..

 This is definitely a woman who serves as an example to how classic and posh a wife of a president should be...she is simple and elegant to the point..This is a woman who lives the fame life very simple and that is why she has graced a lot of magazine covers, talk shows and music concerts.


To every one at the top..I could not help but do a write up on this matter affecting Nigerians as a whole...This is an issue we must address before things really go out of hand...I mean, it could be my turn tomorrow at the British Embassy when i will drop like shit before some panels...i could just miss my opportunity to travel just for illiteracy..

Some days back, Nigerians woke up to a new record in history..OGA AT THE TOP..quite a slang now in every lip of Nigerians and we have gone further to prove our social media tools as T-shirts, short movie montages and so many cartoon cliches have been emanating on the internet...moreso, there is a logo of a finger raised up..referring to the OGA AT THE TOP.

Now, there are several angles of lesson to this mystery if you must know; the civil service,the state of our educational sector, the employment scheme and so much more...I really do not have a problem with a school certificate holder rising to be a boss in Nigeria, so far, some experiences are featured in his scheme of work but my problem is how effective is our human resource department in Nigeria?

The Human Resource Unit should be concerned about employment, capacity building and all that shit...if not, why would someone like that go on national TV..Channel for that matter and feel like a proud government officer to answer questions in such way, this is not a case of naivety but complete nonsense...This is a lesson to the civil service commission, a message thrown out to the leadership of this nation..this is not about going to school to get a PH.d or some Masters.It is about proper development programmes for specific positions.

This is the time to give employment to precise graduates, this is the time for the Banking Sector to employ the real graduates and not Language or English Students, this is the time that graduates of Mass communication should be considered before anyone else...this is the time for teachers to be the highest paid in the country..this is the time when we truly and deeply think about the leadership qualities of this nation.

And if you do not know what designation to use in describing your "OGA AT THE TOP"..simply say my superior or my boss...This is not the time to hide under the pillow and say to me, no one is perfect..lets call a spade a spade...and for your information, the international media and society is watching...

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May...I am certain it is the same feeling globally because the role of a mother in a child's life cannot be over emphasized and that is why global organizations like the United Nations are quite sensitive to the plights of a woman all around the world.

It is in this regard that every girl child must be given a chance to be born, nurtured, educated and considered legible enough to lead her community, state or nation..It is their right just like the boy child. In Africa where i come from, there is so much love for having a male child because they are seen as a strong holder and dominance of the family name but the girl child is reserved to the kitchen and house chores, perhaps, a little chance of education.

The celebration of Mothers should not be a case of thanking every mother for their breastfeeding, clothing and all other roles she has played...but we must sit down and accept the fact that every child must be respected..boy or girl...which means we must rule out abortion from our society, let us give them a right to life..this is a personal advice to every lady that thinks of abortion as a total option from ridicule.

If a girl child is nurtured well and brought up right, she will find it hard to commit abortion because she was fed with love and human kindness when she was growing up...let us love our female children just like the boys...Do we really think we can do without girls in our lives..?

Saturday, 9 March 2013


We are so happy about these two celebrities who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together...a case of Music romancing Movies...Akwa Ibom was truly flooded with lots of known faces who are children of the soil..All for Tuface and Annie, there were true support from the likes of Ini Edo and Kate Henshaw.

Another man who is still standing by them is Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, The Idibias received a Toyota Prado Jeep from the Governor and he has also promised to send a 30-man delegation to the White Wedding taking place at Dubai come March 23rd.

I want to believe that more gifts are on their way, even before the White Wedding..He truly deserves the honor from God and man...This is a man the media battered in time past over the women in his life and the several pregnancy scandals that led to 6 beautiful children...and deciding to marry Annie was just a definite way to shut up the media from further writing and trouble...


Dare Art Alade, also known as Darey is a superb musician who knows his craft very well and could be seen as one of the best R and B product from Nigeria...He is based at Abuja and his recently known for bringing Miss Kim.K to Nigeria, with a controversial payment plan for Kim..

Dare has gone further to reveal that he makes lot of money as a top artiste in Naija but his delectable wife spends all of is one unique foundation of any true marriage..and that love makes you do things some find awkward but for Mr Darey, He says no complains from either party on money spending...

Mr Darey says he does not worship money and so he does not care about how much he makes and how much the wife about those low income earners, can they afford to think that way..I guess NO...
Darey is speaking from his own angle of a comfortable, rich and affluent celebrity and not from a general opinion...

Nobody cares if you make billions every month and give it all out to your darling to spend, i am sure she is saving and investing that money for you because of rainy days when everywhere will seem clouded and dull for you...but please, do spend your money wisely on great minded celebrities from Hollywood and not Miss Kim, who absolutely had nothing to say when she graced your event...i hope it is not a case of a money control from your wife since she is like your financial controller.


This is what Mercy rhetorically said to ladies out there - "Some ladies have lost their thinking caps. Some found it but unable to use it..partying her and there? You already know all eateries/hotels in town! You even know the tastes of their various ice creams, pepper soups, shawamas, etc. And you can tell the prices of their beers and wines offhand. Funny, you are singing No man is responsible..

She further stated " Which responsible man drinks to stupour and clubs every weekend? which responsible man samples you and your slutty friends randomly? Which responsible man sags with dog's chains on his neck and tattoos on his body? Ask yourself, "Is the guy I'm currently dating my dream man".

I am certainly not aware if Mercy Johnson has turned a guidance and counseling coach for young women because these words are quite heavy from the heart...Quite a lot would laugh at these statement based on media reports about her life as an actress before she got married..This sultry actress has made her words clear and i believe it will score her well before the society...and heaven her, if she decides to walk out of her marriage..these very words might be used to judge her but I wish her the best all the way.


I do feel concerned to know what the make up artiste and hair stylist did to deserve a sack word from Miss Nicki Minaj, after all, she has been flaunting such looks for a while now... She has graced lots of Red Carpet with her multicolored hair and dress..i guess its a case of growing up syndrome sorry for those she fired but they can always apply such style to another Nicki somewhere in Hollywood.

You have to admit Nicki doesn’t have much of a structured style, it’s ecliptic and quite often it’s simply gaudy. Her long-time hair stylist was the one responsible for some of the bizarre hairdos she’s been sporting. Sometimes Nicki is so dolled up that she could fit nicely into an animated cartoon show as her everyday clothes often look like costumes made to attract children with the bright colors and exaggerated pouf in her skirts and sleeves.

She has actually turned herself to a fairy godmother for little children in Hollywood, just like Sophie, who simply adore her more than we adults...

If she means well about a new signature look, it actually sounds cool but can she ever create the drive with a new look and outfit, perhaps her lyrics might also change for good..some people actually love her crazy hairdos and fashion sense but they don't seem cool enough for any positive light to others..


This is one name that should be found in a dictionary...because it defines an entire well being of Nigerians, from Consumables, Oil to Cement and several other chains of business..Dangote is currently an household name in Nigeria and Africa...This has taken the brand to a level that even Forbes cannot help but confirm the man behind the brand as the richest man in Africa...for three consecutive times now.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian self-made business magnate with an estimated net worth of $16.1 Billion as of March 2013...Dangote has expanded into countries like Benin, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia and Cameroon.

Today, Dangote Group dominates the sugar market in Nigeria and Dangote Sugar Refinery is the main supplier (70% of the market) to the country's soft drinks companies, breweries and confectioners. It is the largest refinery in Africa and the third largest in the world producing 800,000 tonnes of sugar annually.

Dangote Group also owns salt factories and flour mills and is a major importer of rice, fish, pasta, cement and fertilizer. The company also exports cotton, cashew nuts, cocoa, sesame seed and ginger to several countries. Dangote Group also has major investments in real estate, banking, transport, textiles and oil and gas. It employs over 11,000 people and is the largest industrial conglomerate in West Africa.

Dangote retains his position as Africa’s richest man for the third year in a row. The past year has been eventful for him. In October, he sold off a controlling stake in his flour milling company to Tiger Brands of South Africa. He pocketed $190 million in cash. In February, his Dangote Sugar Refineries acquired a 95 per cent stake in Nigerian sugar producer Savannah Sugar in a bid to maintain its dominant position in the Nigerian sugar industry.

Dangote stepped up his philanthropy in the past year, giving over $100 million to causes ranging from education to health, flood relief, poverty alleviation and the arts. He also acquired a yacht, which he named after his mother Amiya.


I am not here to mention the names of celebrities that feed on junk but am worried about the rising rate at which some of them get big..where would i start from...there are some music artistes who have lost their shape and grown so fat..i don't believe that is what fame means...they really do not create time for a good meal because they are always on the road from one meeting, studio, interview, shows to trips all around the world and they feed on junks all the way...

In Nollywood, some have grown so out of line that i will never cast them in my movies for do we define a huge pot bellied actor in the first year of university is totally weird, let us face the truth..your being fat and big is not the definition of a celebrity life which confuses some fans for a state of enjoyment and richness..have you considered the lifeline of your career as an actor...?

Most of the females in Nollywood have outgrown their personality as an actor and they are not fit for all roles again..only a few are still solid in shape...yet, they are still featured in some roles...what happens to giving some new babies a chance to many young girls are in our high schools and university who can do much more better than what you boast about in the media because some of them are already boring us with their sudden turnaround in body size et al...

...And as a music star, it is very important you keep shape for live performances, studio voice takes because regular exercise will help your voice texture and total delivery...well, it is an advise for those that perform with bands because majority do make us sick with their CD Track delivery right on stage...

Please eat healthy because it will help you as you go around 24 hours to be famous...


Zeb Ejiro is surely an household name for those of you who followed the hit television series, Fortunes and Ripples which was showing on the network service of NTA...This great Film Maker is set to stun the industry and viewers with another TV Series titled Classique, which he says confidently will be more interesting than Tinsel...

Zeb Ejiro actually did a great job with Ripples and Fortunes which featured the likes of Ramsey Nouah, Pat Attah and Regina Askia...This series held us spell bound and most viewers could not stand missing an episode but i hope Mr Zeb is aware that time has gone by and so many series are out there now struggling for our votes..and only the best of the best wins our heart.

This is not about the cast but the delivery from camera quality, story line and the delivery of the actors whether they are green horns or not...I am not saying Zeb Ejiro isn't experienced but i want to believe he has done his homework right before submitting his assignments to the viewers who are like class teachers...Tinsel is a fantastic production with a good touch of acting, language, charm and storyline...i hope CLASSIQUE is truly ready to go all the way...

It was gathered that the new series, revolves around three young graduates who decided to jointly set up a company, thereby experiencing the challenges and politics of the corporate world. The soap will feature stars like Uche Iwuji, Mary Eboka, Lawrence Onuzulike, Kate Henshaw, Fred Amata, Segun Arinze, Emeka Ossai and Zack Orji to mention a few


The late Pop Icon, Michael Jackson was very influential to so many across the world, even after his death, his music still lives on and receives airplay like a fresh sound cooked from the music studios...and certainly, his children are living it up of them is Paris Jackson.

With a massive Twitter following of more than 1 million fans. Evidently she’s also a varsity cheerleader, as the world learned when she tweeted out of a photo of her cheering on Sherman Oaks (Ca.) Buckley School’s boys basketball team...Paris Jackson (14 years old) may have chosen a path of career that would groom her for loads of things to come.

This is definitely a sign that she will go that road of her father but it is a matter of time, from cheer leading, she might end up getting an high school movie role or perhaps just delve into music straight..Paris knows the world is waiting for a declaration that she has taken up her father's place in the Pop culture.