Saturday, 9 March 2013


I am not the best judge of character, especially when it comes to being a celebrated individual who has a lot of influence on people, from their music, movies, fashion sense, properties and so on...but one thing that thrills about them is how few of them tend to manage certain traits about them. i know its not an easy task but with maturity, all these factors will not hinder your growth as a celebrity...i am talking about anger management.

It is not only Hollywood or celebrated people that have this problem...every human has to an extent a bit of anger problem because the honest truth is, nobody loves to be bullied around and when it does happen, we can do very silly things that will shock those around us..As a celebrated man or woman, all eyes are on you whenever you go beyond your status and belittle yourself before the public, and waiting for the media to feed on them...which some refer to a celebrity stunt to get more fame.

Our very dear Chris Brown is super talented but he has to deal with his anger problems, perhaps it is just a stunt to keep the media busy with their stories on him and take their mind off other good bad news tends to be more pronounced these days..this is no fluke because i cannot know Chris Brown in 24 could all be an act to test me up by provoking me and then, i fall into that trap of being a celeb with a problem too...

On Wednesday, Brown’s 24-hour angry streak kicked off when his private plane stopped in Bermuda to “refill,” and Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat, reportedly got off the flight following an altercation with Brown.
The bodyguard, who was left behind, was forced to catch his own flight back to JFK.
Then, following a charity event in Hollywood, Brown reportedly got into a heated argument with a valet.

“Give me $10,” the valet worker told Brown, who replied, shouting, “Give me my f*cking keys … F*ck $10. Give me my keys. We gonna turn this whole spot up!” the singer shouted
Brown then headed over to Emerson Theatre in Hollywood where he had some choice words for Drake...This is definitely no acting but if its an act, then, it will only turn around more damage to image which will leave him unfriendly before the world and if its not...then Chris Brown actually has a bit or more of a problem to deal with...