Friday, 29 March 2013


For every reason that counts....I am looking for this sexy screen icon and why is everyone not concerned..alright, before you think am in love with her...Stella Damasus Aboderin is an A-list actress in Nigeria and she knows her job well...Is she still alive...?

She was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009 and she has acted with most of the hot guys of Nollywood; Ramsey Nouah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Pat Attah, Emeka Ike and so on..This is a woman who has gone through a lot in life; from marriage to career...

We all know that Stella Damasus and her new beau, Emeka Nzeribe whom she got married to in a low-profile a couple of months back have gone their separate ways over allegation of incompatibility, infidelity and disrespect to marital vows on the part of the actress cum singer, Stella Damasus.

Well, i guess she is certainly involved in a lot of projects, which are far less trouble than the drama that comes with being an actress in Naija, She has fully gone into Music and the Wig business for ladies...So, i guess she is very much alive doing her thing..being a star comes with its good and bad days...Stella has truly had her own share of it.