Friday, 1 March 2013


Now, what they will tell you is that this outfit is a new trend among celebs, which some ignorant dudes will pick up because Skales wore it and look like star he is...This is absolutely crazy and how do you define this...even a little girl would perhaps ask Uncle Skales, if he lent his mum or sister's outfit just to attend this function.

I must say outrightly that the use of drugs is a close clue to this kind of show-off, even in public..that is too far for skales but i would not hide under the drug usage but rather be straight with my is not fitting and certainly, it is a feminine outfit..Yes, we are talking about it, if that is the agenda but let us know that the things we do in the name of fame do live after us and that will be a national melody for a while.

I would advise Mr Banky to always check the wardrobe of his "children" before they attend functions...this is just out of the line