Friday, 29 March 2013


There are various claims that Kanye West roots for the illuminati..He is certainly on his game when it comes to Music Mastery, Fashion and also a lovey-dovey life with Kim Kard...that which we have no clue where its heading to, despite their baby expectation..Now Kanye is in the news again but this time, very awkward and absurd.

Reports says Kanye West will title his upcoming album-I AM GOD..i actually laughed when i saw this online and made sure i wrote about this...Kanye would have lost his game if he actually comes out with such an album because everyone will now see him as something else...

So much is going on in his life and its funny he has also engaged Kim into such drama because Kim has also lost her fashion sense in maternity and she also tweets some uncultured statements about certain this what pregnancy does to people?

Kanye West has been known for his controversial statements and pictures just like this one...Kanye West made headlines back in 2006 when he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns, covered in blood dressed as Jesus Christ on the cross. That was controversial at the time...what a life!....Meanwhile, he intends naming his coming child-North, whatever that means but i am totally against some actions of this man and that includes misappropriate use of the Christian Faith...

If Kanye really titles his new album I Am God, people will surely react to it. Religious buffs, Fox News and Illuminati conspiracy theorists would have a ball...If you know what i mean....words cannot explain what will befall him, if he truly brings out that album.