Friday, 29 March 2013


The media has incessantly been calling her fat and even went so far as to compare her to a killer whale. She's pregnant and obviously weight gain is going to happen! With that being said, I do not believe that the reality star is 140 pounds, as Extra reported. I think the main issue for Kim is her outfit choices. She says that she has only gained 20 pounds, but at 5-foot-2 that can look like a lot of weight. Unfortunately instead of attempting to dress more towards her even-curvier body, Kim has been attempting to squeeze into smaller and more absurd pieces.

Kardashian, 32, is clearly having problems accepting her new shape...She is trying so hard to protect those curves...all at the expense of the baby, thereby, loosing her sense of fashion.This is totally crazy for anyone to wear tight fitting clothes during when pregnant, how about a sense to have some space to breath..She truly has a problem and i hope the baby is not deformed at the end of the day and which of her fashion icons told her that leather and pregnancy goes well..?

I wonder what her mother, sisters and family members are doing about this..even Kanye West who is a fashion label owner should have some little advise..i guess they are all carried away with the whole pregnancy and publicity thrills that no one gives a hoot about how kim looks and the curves seems to be insured.