Friday, 29 March 2013


Actress, Clarion Chkwura (mother), and music video director, Clarence Peters (son) photo shoot for Motherhood InStyle Magazine cover. Clarence is the project result of the whirlwind romance between Clarion Chukwura and Afrojuju singer, Sir Shina Peters. Clarence Single-handedly raised by Clarion who gave birth to him at 17...This story is what turning to a movie i must say.

This is what she says in an interview cut online-I have no regret for coming across Shina Peters in life. In fact, if I have to play the role of Yemi in Money Power I’ll play it again. And if again I have to meet Shina Peters in the film, I’ll want to meet him again. In life, there is no gain without pain. The maturity process that I had to go through with my son, Clarence, after Money Power was a process of great pain. It was a process that brought out people in their real colours. It showed me how fickle people can be; how pretentious and mean people can be. It was a process of condemnation. Just because I had Clarence I was labeled a slot. I was written off.

The only thing they couldn’t do was write me off in my career because I was damn good. I was a good actress, so you couldn’t just help but work with me. People said all sorts of things about me; they did not give me a chance. It was a journey that taught me that life itself is a journey. But, as I said, there is no gain without pain. And it had to be like that because Clarence is a child of destiny. If it wasn’t like that then the purpose of God for his life wouldn’t have been actualized. Clarence’s life would have been cut short somewhere along the line during the days of struggle. So, asking me if I would do it all over again, my answer is that I would follow the will of God for my life.

My mother took over by the time Clarence was two months old. At this time, I was back fully on stage at the University of Ibadan Performing Company. And by the time he was four I was in Badagry for the rehearsals of The King Must Dance unclothed. I didn’t see Clarence again from when he was two to when he was nine months old. Clarence is not angry with his father. You see, Clarence is a highly mature person. His understanding is above the mundane. My life with Clarence does not revolve around telling him that your father did this or that.

We grew up together. My life actually started with him. By the time I was 22 and he was three and a half years old, Clarence was already seeing and relating with what our lives were like. You don’t need to start telling Clarence anything because it was a life he lived. He was a part of the experiences. Most of the artistes of my generation that Clarence calls uncles and aunties he didn’t just start calling them that and running to them; he has known them way back. 

Today, Clarence Peters is a top shot when it comes to a world class music video work and he knows his mastery well enough to earn your music a Grammy...Clarence attended Government College, Ikorodu and Camp David Academy Secondary School, Ogba. As a kid, Clarence worked as an actor with Owner of SoundCity, Tajudeen Adepetu for two years.

He starting directing at just 18 years of age when he directed 40 episodes of the TV series "Everyday People". He later moved to South Africa where he attended the City-Varsity Summon Television Academy in Cape Town and gained a degree in directing and cinematography. He returned to Nigeria to direct his first music video, Fuji by Darey. He founded CAPital Hill record label with his secondary school mate and friend, Tha Suspect who is also an artiste under the label.