Saturday, 9 March 2013


This is what Mercy rhetorically said to ladies out there - "Some ladies have lost their thinking caps. Some found it but unable to use it..partying her and there? You already know all eateries/hotels in town! You even know the tastes of their various ice creams, pepper soups, shawamas, etc. And you can tell the prices of their beers and wines offhand. Funny, you are singing No man is responsible..

She further stated " Which responsible man drinks to stupour and clubs every weekend? which responsible man samples you and your slutty friends randomly? Which responsible man sags with dog's chains on his neck and tattoos on his body? Ask yourself, "Is the guy I'm currently dating my dream man".

I am certainly not aware if Mercy Johnson has turned a guidance and counseling coach for young women because these words are quite heavy from the heart...Quite a lot would laugh at these statement based on media reports about her life as an actress before she got married..This sultry actress has made her words clear and i believe it will score her well before the society...and heaven her, if she decides to walk out of her marriage..these very words might be used to judge her but I wish her the best all the way.