Saturday, 16 March 2013


To every one at the top..I could not help but do a write up on this matter affecting Nigerians as a whole...This is an issue we must address before things really go out of hand...I mean, it could be my turn tomorrow at the British Embassy when i will drop like shit before some panels...i could just miss my opportunity to travel just for illiteracy..

Some days back, Nigerians woke up to a new record in history..OGA AT THE TOP..quite a slang now in every lip of Nigerians and we have gone further to prove our social media tools as T-shirts, short movie montages and so many cartoon cliches have been emanating on the internet...moreso, there is a logo of a finger raised up..referring to the OGA AT THE TOP.

Now, there are several angles of lesson to this mystery if you must know; the civil service,the state of our educational sector, the employment scheme and so much more...I really do not have a problem with a school certificate holder rising to be a boss in Nigeria, so far, some experiences are featured in his scheme of work but my problem is how effective is our human resource department in Nigeria?

The Human Resource Unit should be concerned about employment, capacity building and all that shit...if not, why would someone like that go on national TV..Channel for that matter and feel like a proud government officer to answer questions in such way, this is not a case of naivety but complete nonsense...This is a lesson to the civil service commission, a message thrown out to the leadership of this nation..this is not about going to school to get a PH.d or some Masters.It is about proper development programmes for specific positions.

This is the time to give employment to precise graduates, this is the time for the Banking Sector to employ the real graduates and not Language or English Students, this is the time that graduates of Mass communication should be considered before anyone else...this is the time for teachers to be the highest paid in the country..this is the time when we truly and deeply think about the leadership qualities of this nation.

And if you do not know what designation to use in describing your "OGA AT THE TOP"..simply say my superior or my boss...This is not the time to hide under the pillow and say to me, no one is perfect..lets call a spade a spade...and for your information, the international media and society is watching...