Saturday, 9 March 2013


The late Pop Icon, Michael Jackson was very influential to so many across the world, even after his death, his music still lives on and receives airplay like a fresh sound cooked from the music studios...and certainly, his children are living it up of them is Paris Jackson.

With a massive Twitter following of more than 1 million fans. Evidently she’s also a varsity cheerleader, as the world learned when she tweeted out of a photo of her cheering on Sherman Oaks (Ca.) Buckley School’s boys basketball team...Paris Jackson (14 years old) may have chosen a path of career that would groom her for loads of things to come.

This is definitely a sign that she will go that road of her father but it is a matter of time, from cheer leading, she might end up getting an high school movie role or perhaps just delve into music straight..Paris knows the world is waiting for a declaration that she has taken up her father's place in the Pop culture.