Saturday, 16 March 2013


In Nigeria, there are always several sides to most of our News stories that emanates everyday, most especially, reports around our political existence as a nation..i am sure the international community is aware to an extent that our democracy is still developing due to certain factors that surround the leadership routine...

The Presidential Pardon is big and beyond our thinking, It is a complete political brotherly game being played by Mr President and he alone can give true reasons for such an act, when it is vividly clear who the guilty one is..It is a shame to most of us, even the American Community tweeted a reply to this effect..This is Naija, like most people will say and anything can happen.

Have we thought for a while..Could there be any connection or link between these two people or Is he involved in the prospect of Goodluck Jonathan, or perhaps, Mr President has a game plan ahead of our presidential elections..This man called Goodluck surely knows what he is doing..whether the media or citizens scream their hearts out..

Is it possible for a brother to be in a leadership position and watch his blood suffer, even when his guilty of a certain crime..It is not possible, blood they say is thicker than water..but my worry is that the Nigerian political game involves a lot of betrayal, backbiting and several evil deeds..i do hope the President knows what he is doing because "What goes around comes around"..Hence, the fingers will point back to him.

According to a source, who spoke to Punch Newspaper, “Everything is political. Alamieyeseigha has a senatorial ambition; the ex-militants are angry with the President. The President wants the man to intervene and speak with the ex-militants as 2015 approaches.”..But Special Assistant (Media) to the President, Bolaji Adebiyi thinks differently. “The idea of a presidential pardon was not novel; it is not happening for the first time; it is not peculiar to Nigeria and there is a process.

I do not care about all these presidential drama queens who parade as Advisers...after all, their paychecks and allowances are not delayed till 2 months after..It is evident President Jonathan seeks a come back and granting a pardon is the only noble idea he can parade for us..2015 is just around the usual, Nigerians will decide via a vote, if only they will allow it count.