Wednesday, 25 December 2013


 Terence Sambo is a regular dude but he actually started One Nigerian Boy because he wanted to create a medium for Africans in the diaspora and around Africa to experience African Fashion & Style but his own personal style is constantly evolving and changing as he get inspired by loads of stuff.

This Graduate Degree in Marketing from Covenant University says there's been a massive growth spurt in the Nigerian Fashion scene, thanks to the likes of LFDW and Arise Magazine. African fashion is still however in its infancy. The industry needs more investment and education.

When I asked him about those he has styled, this is what he had to say - I don't keep tabs really. I think it's a bit pretentious to name drop. I'm not a stylist for celebrity sake. I do it because I love the creative process.

Like every other typical Nigerian kid. He was taught to be polite, hardworking and treat every human regardless of race, color or class with equal respect. Terence always wanted to be a banker but somehow ended up in the fashion industry and he has continued to prove a mark in that region.