Wednesday, 25 December 2013


If there is a job that requires a balanced mind, it is the Customer Service Representative and this you can find in any field of work across the globe. They are actually prominent in Service Providers like Banking, Telecom, Health, Media and so on but in Nigeria, a lot of Customer Reps. do have a personality issue and they do not deal with it appropriately by seeking counselling.

There are various experiences that i have encountered, most common is the Telecom sector and the ladies are usually the weird ones here...Some of them lack respect and courtesy over the phone, especially when you cannot express yourself very well, then, they rudely direct you to their online service.

I used to feel a negative mind towards UBA but when i experienced their style of treating customers at a particular branch, i had to respect anyone who takes up customer service as a career. Even though it comes with its challenges, having your client as top priority gives your career and life a defined look and you can quantify the amount of respect that comes from doing your job to the point.

When you treat people right, they want to keep banking and neither will they want to move their account away from your bank, and it is more than your Degree from College but it has to do with proper respect and value for your job..the amount of friends and network you build cannot be quantified as a customer service representative.

There are situations where your clients do not mind waiting longer, just to be attended to because they are certain that their complaints will be well attended to..this is exactly the situation at this branch..It is more than referring your clients to your Online service but having a physical open conversation with your client and their financial management of their money.