Monday, 22 December 2014


We all know Christmas symbolizes the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and that means we have to show love and give to those that do not have...It is a festive period and my humbly advice from me to you is to be healthy, eat healthy during all your merriment at this festive season because health is wealth and am sure we do not want to start the year visiting a doctor.

It's been an amazing year for me as a human being, an actor and a Nigerian but I will like to say a big thank you to these amazing people who have given me the opportunity to showcase my talent to the world and made my 2014 a memorable one...Mr. Fred Atigogo, Mr. Bakare Adeoye, 'Deyemi Olowa, Best Okoduwa, John Attah, Mr. Niji Akanni, Mr. Abiodun Nurudeen, Mr. Umoren Ubong, Peace Asigbe, Mr. Femi Maxima Ogundoro, Mr. Tunde Olaoye, Mr. Wale Adenuga Jr. Mr and Mrs. Okpebri, Charles Uwagbai, Ufoma Ejonubo and so many others who are not mentioned here but I do appreciate everyone who is having a positive impact in the development of my career and to my fans spread across the country, I say thank you finding me delighting to watch.

May God continue to bless you all and we shall see again in 2015 by Gods Grace and mercy. I wish you all a Joyous Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year...

Saturday, 20 December 2014


We are at that period of the year when a lot of us shop till we drop..I do recall that the website of one of the biggest online store in Nigeria crashed due to a ''black Friday'' syndrome. It is also the period when a lot of us expect a ''13th month Salary'' scheme and not forgetting those of us who have been saving via micro-finance, thrift and all other schemes...The goal is to have a merry Christmas celebrations full of turkeys. fishes, may be pock or guinea fowl and It is absolutely a great feeling when you look back to how the year has been for you...some rough, others smooth but being alive gives you that ultimate joy...

However, there are some others who are presently in the hospital and I do not need to emphasize their state of health because a visit round the various wards at most hospitals would give you a reason to be thankful that you can walk with your legs, hold a glass of water with your hands...some of these people never planned to be in that state but do you know they are also grateful that their body is not laid six feet in the ground...

What do I mean by a ''Noelistic'' Christmas Holiday?; It is great gathering all the menu you need for this season and am sure your immediate family will be so grateful that their brother, aunt, cousin, father and mother made such a plan...but what about those who cannot afford to buy something tangible for the festive season?..Why don't you make something out of this holiday by making someone happy and thereby sowing a seed for the new year.

This is not only the time to count your blessings and naming them one after the other..It is also the time to show a little kindness...This is not only the time to ''shokirize'' yourself but also shock that person who thinks little of you...It is about good tidings, good love, good sharing amongst ourselves..Your kindness this season might just stop that person from committing suicide. Do we actually know why some of us are continually blessed?...perhaps you have been using that blessing well to the favour of others.

If you have always been a blessing to others, I guess this is just a motivational commendation for you to do more but If you have never lifted a dime out of your wallet to assist someone..please use this season and reflect on the conditions of others,,,remember, It is not permanent and trust me, there is no good feeling about it if the table turns around..

I would also love to appreciate everyone across the world who takes time out of their schedule to read my posts..It means a lot when I get good reviews about my publication and I hope to improve in the coming year..To those who are part of my career development, I say a big thank you for the everyday opportunity given to me to prove my worth...To my friends on and off the social media, I also say thank you for supporting the continual existence of this blog...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I was checking out the contestants of the recently concluded edition of Tyra Banks's Americas Next Top Model when this beautiful woman caught my attention.Chantelle Young, A 19 year old from Toronto who was part of the top models..I am not here with a pity-party story about her but I was touched that even with her condition, she is fascinating as a model and that song just came to my head right there..''I know I what I want to be..'' There was some level of uproar when she was evicted but she took it in good faith..
Now, I do not know what your deformities are as a male or female..or I do know we sometimes feel uneasy coming out with our vulnerabilities but how long would we sit back and watch our dreams fizzle away like a wind..You are beautiful just the way you are and do not let anyone make you feel less, rather, look for ways to turn that circumstance into a positive energy..I know It might not be easy in some countries with a lot of socio-economic dramas but take a deep breath for a minute...charge yourself up and say I were created for something..Find it today!
Chantelle has broken that barrier and placed herself at a very strategic position where brands who are unique and outstanding would want to relate their goods and services with that of Chantelle...and that means, customers would want to identify with such a family...Already, she has been offered to be the face of a Spanish brand, Desigual's fall campaign and am sure there are more offers waiting for her..What are you waiting for..?
Chantelle (real names-Winnie Harlow) has actually thought about suicide and I know there are several thought-process like that around the world but stories like this should appeal to our dear heart and give us that boldness and courage to pursue our dreams...As the new year approaches, prepare yourself to rule the world through your talent..make yourself present and have a voice despite any physical challenge.


He is 71 years old and a retired Military Officer but he wants to rule this nation again..Some have questioned his return but it seems a larger percentage of Nigerians would gladly cast their votes for him and he can then help restore sanity to the process of governance in Nigeria...Yes, I am also amongst the general populace that want change so badly and my change is not based on religion, party or tribe but a long term process of change that my unborn children can benefit from.

We question the return of Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari but how many of us are truly ready to stand up for this nation..Is he truly the man that will bring that change?...I do not know but I believe an opportunity should be given because he has been in the system before and we all know or hear stories about his leadership qualities..Infact, that discipline is what my Nigerians need..We are very lawless and our state of mind drinks and eat corruption at the expense of our close neighbours.

I do not want to dwell about the state of corruption in this nation because they are issues that every social medium or the traditional media has dwelt on and we can never stop talking about it until the culprits across the federation are brought to book...but my heart yearns for change and everywhere I go, the name Buhari is on the lips of everyone. Do you know why everyone keeps talking about Buhari?....It is change..I ask..Are we not tired..? How long shall we continue to live this way?...Will a cup of rice given to you during a campaign serve you for a week?...Why not use your vote wisely so as to have the benefit of buying as many cups of rice with your income that can serve you very well for a month...Am talking about rebalancing our economy which has been controlled by a few powerful people.

Buhari has been on the verge of this change since 2003 and I believe we have reached a matured stage at which most Nigerians feel the need to keep the spirit of this nation together by voting for change in 2015..Now, the social media is busy everyday with various write ups emerging in relation to establishing a good PR for Buhari..Some have also asked If he is still the same man that ruled back then and saying He might have an hidden agenda, some of which has been related to him making the nation a full Islamic country..These are speculations and everyone is entitled to their opinion but I believe we should look on the brighter side of what this nation needs right now.

This is not a case of saying ''May the best man win''..It is a case of turning the table around for once and lets see how the country can be governed from another point of view or perspective amidst flushing out the corrupt system..Our democratic system is in a critical stage and Its level of maturity will be confirmed on the outcome of the coming elections..If a change is truly allowed and things take shape, then, we are truly growing democraticly...I respect the power of Incumbency but again the peoples choice also matters..Vote Wisely If you have the future of your children in mind...

Friday, 12 December 2014


This is one of the pictures taken at Niyola's birthday party and I lifted it from OMG Nigeria but what caught my attention was the outfit by the extreme left..I call on all you Fashionistas and Stylists to please help me explain what this lady is wearing..It really looks tight on her and so I thought it was a swim suit but again..I cannot see any pool...or have I lost my Fashion hormones and do not have a clue about how to be trendy...?


This picture of Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and former minister, Oby Ezekwesili at a book launch is no more news but am sure the gist around the intent would go on for a while..How can this be described without hating on any of the parties involved?..but it seems more like a social standard to me...these two personalities might just be closer than we think and they both felt relaxed about it, even in public...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


It is very easy to take a swipe at me by wondering what my topic means considering being a single man who does not have an idea about the life of a married man but this question emanated from a chat I had with a close female friend and she asked me If I can be an helping hand in the kitchen for my wife and I paused for a while before giving an answer but I had to analyse the question to the best of my ability..

To be an helping hand takes a lot of thought process, perhaps they should include it in one of the vows so that every woman can be assured that their man would always be there or can we have a situation whereby women take their men to court for not assisting in the kitchen..? What would make a man stay away from the kitchen?..If you are the lazy type who stays away from the kitchen as a bachelor, your woman or women should not expect you to be a ''Superman'' in the kitchen after marriage.

What would make a man stay away from kitchen?..I would like to respect those men who have decided to keep their wives at home while they do all the working..I do not expect them to retire to the kitchen after the days work and pound some slices of yam and at the same time, I do not expect a man who is usually home before his wife to lay back and chill for the wifey to get home and perform a miracle in the kitchen..thumbs up to all the women who still make it to the kitchen planet after an hectic day at work and on the road.

I really have not given a reason why a man would stay away from the kitchen...and that is because we all differ and our reasons would differ too but above all, I do know that some men cannot cook and that could be a reason why they stay away from the kitchen..Lets face it, It is a good thing helping out in the kitchen but If you were not helping out while in a relationship or dating, It might be a little hard for you to establish that new part of you in a marriage where a lot of courses are being taken..Remember It is an institution.

For everyone who is a regular help in the kitchen, I say thumbs up to you and am sure the women will respect such a man especially If he is totally committed to caring for his family and I do not expect should be taken for granted. I know some of you might go all about saying this is Africa and the man provides the daily bread while the woman is the home maker but please wake up because Its 21st century and love operates in mysterious ways such as a man carrying the hand bag of his pregnant wife.

I am not here to create a lifestyle for you but helping out can be a part of romance; you slice the plantain while she fries; she boils the yam while you pound; you can both clean the dishes and all that..As for me, I can be an helping hand only when I return home at a good time but can always make myself available during weekends when there are no engagements...but when the children starts coming in, there must be some adjustments to such operations. Perhaps you are wondering what to do to your failing marriage, why not try helping her out in the kitchen...just an opinion.

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In an earlier publication, I established few notable names that will be running for the number one position in Lagos but presently, Its obvious the battle is between two personalities; Jimi Agbaje of the Peoples Democratic Party and Akinwunmi Ambode of the All Progressives Congress..These two emerged winners from their respective primaries and we must acknowledge all other candidates who came out to contest but I guess these are just the most preferred personalities that Lagos needs to move its state forward, a matter that will be settled at the polls in 2015.

Jimi Agbaje is a Pharmacist by training and has decided to pitch a tent with Peoples Democratic Party to run for the number one position..As we all know, Mr. Jimi Agbaje had earlier in 2007 made an attempt at becoming Governor but all of that is in the past now..What speaks for him now is the reputation and charisma most Lagosians are attracted to. Can he continue from where Governor Fashola stops? Is he reliable enough to rule the centre of excellence considering the attitude most Lagosians have towards the Umbrella Family, perhaps, they have a better agenda than the APC...Well, all that matters when we take our time to know what is best for us, our children, family and Lagos.

There are several comments about the credibility of Jimi Agbaje under the Peoples Democratic Party because he must always obey the ''Fathers'' behind his victory If he becomes Governor but are we saying Ambode will also operate based on his own agenda or the laid down rules of the mighty weights of the party..I really do not see either of them operating Lagos on their own standards..My interest lies in the continuity of the immense work Governor Fashola has started..I really do not care about the power play of both parties but the legacy of our mega city must be sustained.

Akinwunmi Ambode is one candidate that has the leadership quality no doubt; let me run you through a little profile I found on a website dedicated for his campaign I presume..I must say his publicists are doing a great job...Akinwunmi Ambode was a former Accountant General of Lagos State, held many financial positions in his 27 years in the Lagos State Civil Service and so I assume he once worked under Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he was Governor of Lagos...He is an accountant, administrator and a public finance management expert.

Do we sit on the platform that he knows the system well?, he has been there and done that..he knows the process and so let us just assume he is a better choice as Governor? considering the party he will be running from but It is not about all of these alone..I believe the best strategy now is to have these two battle it away in a live televised debate where they will both express their desire to be true leaders in our present democratic dispensation.

On the other hand, I would want the deserving choice to concentrate more on the interiors of Lagos; there are some areas Governor Fashola has not covered or perhaps more needs to be done but I am actually happy about these choices...Another deciding factor will be their choice of running mates and I see Honourable Abike Dabiri-Erewa running alongside Akinwunmi Ambode, which will boldly give the APC their victory but am sure a female will also run alongside Agbaje.

When the best man wins under a smooth, free and fair election, It will set a standard for true democratic process all over the country..where the people's choice matters and not imposing anyone on the people..Let us all go out and get our voters card at all cost and put in the best candidate..I have not decided where I stand because I have heard various analysis about the two candidates but I actually know where I stand deep inside me...above all, Lagos must move forward as we cannot allow all standards to be compromised by anybody..#EkoOniBaje

Thursday, 4 December 2014


It is always a feeling of joy and happiness whenever a new baby is born into a family..that moment when the woman gives a final push leading to the cry of the baby that literally proves that the child is alive..I believe every mother cannot forget such an experience but after the child has come of many factors begin to shape his thoughts and relationship with people...I had almost a 2-Hour conversation with a friend about my country Nigeria and I must say this was absolutely different from any random gist I must have had in the past.

When I say there are some factors that shape how we think..It was very obvious my friend desires the best for his country..I know a lot of us think that way too but there are some of us who would prefer to dance along with the condition, Do you think that is your purpose?...Why do you think you were born in the first place...?

I would love to break down this piece to Nigerians because that was the centre of my conversation..I have not travelled outside my country before but I do believe life cannot be as bad as it is for some Nigerians here..It is very obvious we have a problem of leadership and we dance to one tune every four years..What is your purpose in the coming election? Is it to rig, steal ballot boxes, destroying the chances of the rightful candidates or Is it to collect a plate of hot jollof rice and a piece of meat..What exactly is your purpose...? You might think it does not matter but if you do not clarify your purpose with your conscience, You are in for another messy four years.

Of what purpose is my gift of writing, If I cannot inspire my generation about being a true ambassador of Nigeria..Of what use is my blog, If I only update Nigerians about how Omotola kissed her husband in traffic..When I can drive a traffic about bringing a change to leadership via choosing the right candidates...These were some of the lessons from my conversation with a friend..I was scolded psychologically and I felt bad about the situation of my country.

Some of us go to bed on an empty stomach...Some of us have to wash our shirt and trousers at night, so as to make it ready in the morning..Some of us have to walk a distance just to save some cash for the day...Some of us live online just to make ourselves happy because the real life is quite frustrating..Should we say thumbs up to every Nigerian who has an habit of dropping a great biblical quote everyday...Are we not tired of the mess..Who says you cannot eat a complete three-square meal..? Who says you do not have the power to elect who you want...Do we want to eat dance the same beat for another four years...?

I can talk for forever and It might bore some of you because you might have given up on this nation but we do not know how much God loves us...We have a very large community online..I will not be surprised If a survey proves Nigerians as the largest social media users across the world because we eat, drink and sleep the social media...Then, we should simply divert that energy into propagating for change at this elections by choosing the right individual..forget party and vote for personality..Let us secure the future of our children and the ones yet unborn.

When you see an American, You think of Hollywood...When you see a Japanese or Chinese, You think of Technology..When you see a Nigerian..You actually get confused but that has to stop..think about your purpose as a Nigerian..I am as guilty as everyone out there!

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Just about a year and some months old, NorthWest, also known as ''Nori Nori'' is gradually becoming a Fashionista just like her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, commonly known as ''Kimye''. I actually do not expect less when it comes to dressing baby NorthWest because both parents are top notch fashion designers who live, eat and drink fashion but am not sure If these styles are quite appropriate for a baby like this..Why not dress her according to her age...?

I do not want to spill the comments I read on a blog as regards this Ostrich feather cape or is it fur...and black leggings worn for NorthWest..She did carry it well with all glam but again this looks quite much for this baby and am wondering what personae is being carved out from her at this tender age..We might just be shocked with a reality show specially for the life of NorthWest. I do not know why this little angel has to be dragged along into the schedule of Kim everyday...She is really growing up faster than her age.
I do hope her meals and drinks are very much different from the grown ups at these ceremonies she attends with her famous parents..and this is the actual time grand mummy Kris Jenner should bond with NorthWest and not cruising around with boyfriend because she has achieved everything; children, money, fame, success..what more?..back to the matter..Would you really love to style your baby this way...? She is fast becoming the most famous celebrity child in this world and we all know she has Blue Ivy to compete with...I guess Beyonce is just taking her time and might just shock us with a powerful style for her baby..I once read a comment saying Its a good thing NorthWest is allowed to walk as to Blue Ivy being carried about...
By the way, What happened to bright baby colours..It seems black is the order of the day for NorthWest's Wardrobe...what happened to light sandals and all other cute baby outfits..Well, she is not my child but we will certainly love to know how she will be dressed when she becomes a teenager..and do you know she actually gave a thumbs up to the camera when she was headed to the spa with her mum..I guess she is being groomed for that also.

Photo Credit- Ostrich feather cape pix sourced from

Saturday, 29 November 2014


We all love some level of attention in our lives; at the office, family, streets and not forgetting the celebrity world where everything can make you news worthy...and Nigerian Singer, Seyi Shay is definitely trying to be on the radar these days. I do not know what the intentions are but dressing this way to a music award ceremony is not working for me and you had to pose this way for the camera...Recently, there was a gist around that she had employed the services of a stylist who had worked with several international acts...Is this the stylist in operation or just a ''Seyi Shay in Action''.

Honestly, she could have done better...I know we all want to be talked in the the ''Kardashian'' Nigerian story but how long can you hold on to this and what effect will it have on your musical career because It wont take long before you begin to sing the ''non-sense''...I do enjoy your music but do I really want to enjoy a glimpse of your underwear while strolling down at an international ceremony like the Channel O Music Awards..Please, these guys should grow up.

Yes, It is daring...but next time, Please drop your long leather coat and be more daring because this is just you trying to be daring but I guess your guts are not complete...If you think this is being fashionable, Its time to pay that shrink a second visit!


We are at that moment of general elections in Nigeria where every PR.tool has to be used to ensure President Goodluck Jonathan gets his vet back to the Presidential Villa without an hitch..and if gathering with the ''creative people'' will make that come to help them...Well, the event has been held but what are the lessons? I actually wished I was privileged to be at such a gathering so as to get a clue or objective about the essence of such a gathering...

In this picture above which I lifted from, We can clearly see some of the creative people..Actress turned Politician, Kate Henshaw decided to put her fashion intents in line with the dress sense of our dear President..That was just a direct way of asking the president to endorse her political dream and you did not waist time with Mai Atafo deciding to dress you up ''Jonathanly...''

I do not know what the attendance was like but I did see pictures of notable celebrities like Weird Mc, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Ini Edo, Toyin Johnson, Waje, Omawunmi, Lara George, King Sunny Ade, Sunny Neji, Shan George, Fathia Balogun, Osita Iheme and so much more...All these people are quite doing well in their respective fields and I must commend their creative talent which they worked on over the years but why would they gather with the President at this time..? You know right...the writings are obviously all over the wall that a 3 year old can smell the coffee... by the way, I read a post online stating if the President did attend the event? and It just dawned on me that I did not see any pictures taken with him...

Back to the matter...these guys have always been on a selfish mission, to accomplish and secure a future for themselves at the expense of the nation...? I feel for this nation..I feel for the fishes in the waters of Naija..I feel for our "Oilnomy", economy and every ''nomy'' you can think of..It is being drained everyday by some beings who do not have an idea of how this country was birthed...shall we lay back therefore and watch some talented people move ahead of us..I believe No..but the average man out there also loves to meet his President..He wants to shake hands with him..He wants to have a voice...but these people whom we pay our sweats on just to dance to their music, laugh at their jokes and mimic their acts, wont give us a chance..What defines our unity and progress then...? I ask What..?

Our celebrity clad themselves in designer clothings and make our leaders feel all is well..Sometimes I wonder what is being discussed at such a dinner or do they just laugh away their ignorance..wait a minute..they actually do have their intention..Its all about the national cake even for them too..I guess that is why the ''creative industry'' is highly over rated...If your wish is to see President Jonathan return again..simply organize your own rally and convince the nation..tell us why and let Nigerians decide that..Gathering up yourselves under the guise of a ''creative industry business'' party is not working for me and am sure it is working for some people too.

I have no information on who initiated the gathering with or without Mr President but we all should know that your intentions are like seeds..they will germinate one day and the fruits they bear thereof..will be open to the entire nation..2015 is just around the corner and I wish this nation well but is that the desire of our dear ''creative people''...?


You do know that inspiration comes in various forms..You can be inspired in the bathroom, kitchen, garden or even during sex...Yes, that is the truth about it but I got this inspiration in the middle of a conversation with a friend, In fact, He is the ''devil'' literary...You might be wondering what this header means..? I am not here to play the devil's advocate even though I know the devil wears Prada but he also can be very open to you about life and Its funny how we see some pitfalls...and yet, we dive strait into it...

I had to find out some things that would interpret my header and I would like to refer to the devil as either an act or a factor...Let me bring out some situations...To the ladies, there might be a guy whom you find attractive sexually but you do not know how to open up to him yet you guys fight a lot..He may seem like the devil at these moments but he might just be the perfect man for you.

There is a quote by Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, a German Philosopher, in his book, The Essence of Christianity...he says ''I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood'' Is this really like saying the devil you know is better that the angel you do not know because that angel might just wake up to be that devil and I think we all have a devil in us somewhere..that devil that wants to explore life so fast...

This is not a sermon on the Mount but I did tell my friend that I will turn the mentioned phrase or act of sarcasm into a Write up...Sometimes, people reveal an act that make them seem evil but It could just be the motivating factor in knowing how to relate well with people in life..People could also reveal the person in us by their own act..You never can tell what lies inside your soul until you have been pushed extremely to the wall in life..Now, Should we all blame it on the ''devil''..?

When we are in the process of committing an act, We do not recognize the devil then but after,...we confront him with a calm and innocent approach so as to get pity from your fellow man..When you pull a trigger, what do you expect?..When you stab with a knife, what do you expect?...When you forcefully have sex with a young girl who is yet to become a woman, what do you expect?...He has actually seen the end of your thought process in committing a terrible act but what makes you give way..? It is not the devil but the lack of control over that act itself.

Now my truth as the devil; Why rape when you can visit a brothel and pay a very matured woman for as many rounds you want to go for...Why steal money at the office when you can beg for it with pride...Why go for abortion when you can dump the child at the gate of a very rich man or woman...This piece is not the standard for living your life..Its just something worth thinking about.

As we meet people in our lives..Let us try and open up to them about our principles and ideals..It may push them away for a while but they will always strike a balance in your person because we all have a similar character somewhere inside us..I really want to thank my friend for this inspiration and we should not also forget that the truth hurts but again, Don't you think its good because that is when you can know those who deserve to be by your side as you journey through life...? Think about it.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I have a feeling that the 2015 election will be a sort of a blockbuster Movie especially the governorship election in Lagos and It gets interesting even as the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu has made a frantic statement regarding the number one seat in Lagos..He basically said the Ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party will never produce a Governor in Lagos. Do you agree...?

Recently, he told the likes of Chief Bode George, Senator Ogunlewe and Musiliu Obanikoro that they will never win Lagos and that God will provide another APC Governor...Whatever that meant...I would like us to understand that personality should precede party when voting at this elections and I actually hear a lot of people admitting that they are after the right candidate and not just a party.

I do feel the concerns of the Monarch but He is not the final decider as to who will govern Lagos, even though we all know how influential his voice can be in Lagos and I am sure the ruling party is doing everything possible to grab this commercial centre due to its immense fortunes floating across the ocean. 2015 is quite close and no one actually knows tomorrow but again we all desire continuity in Lagos...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Let me start by saying that this is the most creative recipe Ayo Makun(AY) has served on the entertainment dish of Nigeria and I am not trying to belittle his talent but when you view this movie...You will certainly know what am talking about...The fact that a colleague of mine who is #Anti-Nigerian Movies sat all through this movie and had a fun filled day of laughter..Then, I salute AY, Ramsey Nouah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Desmond Elliot, Racheal Oniga, Vivica Fox and Lynn Whitfield for their great delivery and thanks to Ada Ameh for her special Warri Prayer...

Some of us actually thought It was one of those lay about movies filled with stars and would be a display of how posh their lives are under the guise of movie script...I was totally wrong..I was laughing from the beginning to the end of this movie and I mean really laughing..the entire cinema hall was under the spell of Akpors...#WeAreRehab #Warri

It was quite a lengthy one but we patiently followed the story to the that actually ended well..I really liked the complete fusion of the pidgin language, even when they got to the States, the pidgin was still promoted..I loved the elements of communication using Skype..I loved the twisted love triangle and the character interpretation of every cast in this movie..This is a five star movie because every element of drama was fused to bring out a great movie..Thumbs up to Robert Peters for a good directing...

Is there really any flaws..? I do not think so but some scenes were quite long but no harm at all..It was worth it all the way..It was witty, funny, Intelligently Insane and crazy.

I can start writing from now till....I am advising everyone to take some time off their busy schedules and worry less about your deadlines..take that joyful step and head to the Cinema and laugh away all your might have to go with a Laugh Tank as well...You never can tell the temperature at which you or your neighbour might be laughing...AY is a true son of Warri in Delta State and I must say the movie is a worthy ambassador of that State..Actually, Its proudly Nigerian.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The NET which is an entertainment soft-sell Journal has released a list of the most influential people in the Nigerian entertainment industry for year 2014..It is a good idea because It will help recognize the very important ones that deserves some applause for the year in review but again how influential are these personalities...I had to understand the meaning first. Now, An influential person is one whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events or we can simply say anyone who has the capacity to shape how people act or how things occur..

With this understanding, I was convinced by the list to an extent..Yes, they are all entertainers and entrepreneurs but do they really possess the capacity to change a course of action and have they been able to do that over the years...I do not know If the ranking was just a number because I would say Tuface Idibia actually deserves that number one spot..because he is a living legend..a man whose music has cut across lots of generations and Its still a movement to reckon with for years to come.
Before I dwell on those whom I feel should be left out..Let me celebrate more deserving personalities..This list cannot be complete without the mention of Koko Master or better still Dbanj..He has been able to carve a niche for himself amongst the young entrepreneurs of this country..If you think Dbanj has your time competing with lyrical standards, please wake up..He is a complete entertainer..You cannot help but love his personae and today, He can seat with some of the worlds business leaders..How influential can that be again..?
Its Don Jazzy again...please sing out loud..He knows his worth and there is no debate about it..seems quiet but his works speaks a lot of creativity and depth in the knowledge of music and yes, he has that capacity to change our sense of taste of music...Funke Akindele on the other hand has brought simplicity to our mode of communication with her highly rated movie, Jenifa, every citizen, young and old can easily relate with Funke's new approach to our Nigerianess.

When It comes to being stylish, confident, bold and holding a mantle of being a diva, You have to give it to Genevieve Nnaji..A woman who has held on to her personae over the years and has grown has an actress...Her success is felt everywhere in Africa..she is talked about a lot and some ladies just want to have that fame and success that she holds and the same applies to sexy mother of four, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, a great woman of substance...Kunle Afolayan has made me believe that Nollywood can deliver and meet up with the rest of the world; from script to screen..Kunle is there for you and that is why I was not surprised when ''October 1'' was sold out on the day It was premiered at a Cinema in Lagos.
Olamide..A super talented music artiste, a very creative talent with the yoruba language..he has every right to be on this list and am glad he is..Olamide's kind of music has found its way into the lives of most Nigerians, even the elites always want to loosen up with some craziness from Olamide..If I can accept WizKid on the list, then, I must also mention Banky W, A man who has carved a niche for himself and also gave the young ones under him the opportunity to grow and be independent.
Veteran Film Maker, Tunde Kelani is a must on the list..Words can not express how deserving Uncle Tunde is when It comes to his worth in the business of film making..Is it also possible to commend all these people and put aside Mrs. Tiwa Savage Balogun..She brought sexiness to her music videos..she was condemned, yet, many have followed that step and even most people cannot do without being ''Wanted''..
Well, I do know some others here are worth celebrating but these mentioned people are quite glaring for me..I really do not want to be negative as I am expected to knock out some names like Davido but again, he brought some dance steps into the scene and he has grown in a short time..some of us will point at the financial benefits flowing in his family but again, Let us give him his credit and seal up our lips...

Congrats to everyone mentioned in the list and I do hope they live up to expectations and let us feel lots of positive influence in Nigeria and not negative...My respects go to King Sunny Ade, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, KWAM 1 and Adebayo Salami for their immense contributions in the industry...and Linda Ikeji is not the influential person, rather, Its her blog that has the power of influence because I am yet to connect with her personae outside the shores of her blog world..#MyOpinion

Monday, 17 November 2014


There is fire on the I guess we know those that needs the running..Peter Okoye seems to have done his home work If it truly seems like a split might occur at the Square Ville..Recently, Peter Okoye signed an endorsement deal with Olympic Milk without his brother Paul Okoye and now, He is floating a recording label known as P-Classic Records, a branch of his P-Classic group..whatever that means...and he has actually unveiled the first artiste of the label who according to reports his a cousin to him..Introducing Malcom Obinna Clint Onyeyiri, also known as Malcoholic Obinna.
Meanwhile, no statements has been released from Paul and Jude Okoye as regards all of these developments in the life of their brother..certainly not their business but If truly there is no break up around the corner, their publicist can put their fans at rest because the introduction of a label by a member of the group just says a lot...Now, let us see the magic that Peter will pull with his cousin..a sort of competition for the Jude Engees Craft...?  Time will tell....


I stumbled on this video where talented Tiwa Savage featured in Come back Presh's song-I no dey Lie..Was I actually expecting something more creative from when he initially started his musical career..Well..Not really but Tiwa's best was not felt in the video..Actually, there was no synergy compared to what I saw with Patoranking..It seemed more like I just had to help him out...favour?

If you cannot hold your game as a music act, you will find it difficult to make a come back and that is why you will be scouting for well established and famous musicians to use as collaborators in your video..That was what I saw in the video..Why not make a come back on your own terms..your own rebrand because I do not expect the same Presh to sound same way as he was with Kcee..Well, All we can say is welcome back..welcome back...welcome back....I do hope your place is still there in the industry because the car park is really full now with so many brands...

Presh will really need to get a lot of A-Listers to boost his musical career..Lets face the truth, the industry has moved on and no one is keeping a seat for anyone but I quite understand the reason why he chose Tiwa...I do hope It works out fine for him at the end of the day...I say a big thank you to Mrs. Balogun for taking out time out of her busy schedule to attend to pressing matters such as this...

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Nigerian Music Act, Seyi Shay is no doubt a fantastic singer and her music videos are quite creative but as for her styling..It really needs a quick fix..I am not a professional stylist but I have taken a look at most of her A-list red carpet appearances and I must say It needs a touch and If getting a new stylist is worth it, then society should let her be..Now, my angle is..Is this a boyfriending appearance or what?..Is this really the best way to introduce your stylist, whom by the way has no name...?

I am surprised she's going that far to get a stylist..Is there no reputable stylist to talk to in Naija? She claims this man is behind the likes of Chris Brown, Neyo, Usher Swiss Beatz, Trey Songz and Wu Tang..Obviously, she's trending towards the boyish-urban look and that should appeal to her video but how about the appearance at events?

A lot of tongues are wagging already since she posted this image on her Instagram page..So many comments about her entire package; Now that she has brought us the many people will be looking out for the outcome...I think you should have been silent about this news and let us observe naturally as you trend in a new you but have you really taken a look at Mocheddah or Beverly Naya, I think you might some clues from them..

By the way, your styling should interpret your music craft..Check out Nneka-Her style evolves around her person and music or Asa..these people dress their path and what makes them comfortable..You do not have to look the International market because It might not project you in that perspective..Above all, Get a publicist and let them do your public announcement for you as regards your new employee, you do not need to take a PR. Photo with him..If truly he is one?

Monday, 10 November 2014


Have you been disappointed in time past by some inexperienced cooks who have no value for their service and even the meals are not nutritious enough? This is the time to port very fast...I mean really fast because I have tasted the plantain porridge prepared by Geena's Cuisine and my life has not remained the same..I will always flashback about the meal..

Geena's Cuisine is a feast of the best of Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers and other Western meals..Am talking about Afang, Edikang-Ikong, Afia Efere, Fisherman Soup, Egusi, Plantain Porridge, Native Jollof, Coconut Rice, Goat/Fish Pepper Soup and so many more.

At Geena's Cuisine, Customer satisfaction and relationship is key..The brand is just as pleasant as the food..Call us today- 0802-312-2795 for a tasty and affordable home cooking...I think Its better experienced....

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Jimi Agbaje is a Pharmacist by training and has decided to pitch a tent with Peoples Democratic Party to run for the number one position..As we all know, Mr. Jimi Agbaje had earlier in 2007 made an attempt at becoming Governor but all of that is in the past now..What speaks for him now is the reputation and charisma most Lagosians are attracted to. Can he continue from where Governor Fashola stops? Is he reliable enough to rule the centre of excellence and Is the ruling party the best platform?...Well, all that matters when we take our time to know what is best for us, our children, family and Lagos..Think wisely...

Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro has served as an High Commissioner, a Senator and a Minister in Nigeria and not forgetting his attempt to also govern Lagos in 2007..May I inform you that he has both a Degree and Masters in Public Affairs and Public Administration from Texas Southern University..Therefore, He is certified academically to lead a community, town, state or nation...However, some members of the society see him as been controversial and are not sure if he is a better candidate as Governor of Lagos State...

It is not a fact for sure If Senator Obanikoro is interested in being the Governor of Lagos as some of these media reports are termed as rumours but several positive and negative reports have been at the disposal of community members and the media..and If he actually claims to be running for office..then the ball is in your court..decide If he is your right candidate because sometimes we do not have to throw away the baby with the bath water..and It might just be time we put aside our differences and do the right thing...

Akinwunmi Ambode is one candidate that has the leadership quality no doubt; let me run you through a little profile I found on a website dedicated for his campaign I presume..I must say his publicists are doing a great job...Akinwunmi Ambode was a former Accountant General of Lagos State, held many financial positions in his 27 years in the Lagos State Civil Service and so I assume he once worked under Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he was Governor of Lagos...He is an accountant, administrator and a public finance management expert.

Ambode has already declared...Do we sit on the platform that he knows the system well, he has been there and done that..he knows the process and so let us just assume he is a better candidate? considering the party he will be running from but It is not about all of these alone..Your vote is the can visit and find out more..Do not just rely on hear say..It is time we do some little research about our candidates because It is about our future and the coming generations.

Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon is a graduate of political science from University of Lagos. Aside the little controversies here and there, Senator Ganiyu has a foundation that provides support in skills acquisition, educational development, micro-credit, healthcare and poverty alleviation...He has worked on several committee as a senator..Is all of these enough to serve as a platform to be the number one citizen in Lagos..You decide... but I salute his courage and desire to control the affairs of the centre of excellence. Visit to find out more...

Aside these personalities, there are speculations that a surprise might spring up with Hakeem Muri Okunola, son of the late revered Justice of the Lagos Court of Appeal, who is presently the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Lands, Lagos..Do we sense a true continuity of legacy here because he is also a lawyer by profession just like Governor Fashola and an option of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu..An interesting tale here is that Asiwaju might just have the best decision here if he believes that these underdogs are the best option for Lagos State...Is Hakeem about to make history as the youngest Governor in the Nation...?


I stumbled on this buzzing topic-who is more beautiful between Ini Edo and Chika Ike, two notable Nollywood Queens who have created a great mark in the business of film making..Certainly, this is not the first time we hear about two people being matched up against each other when It comes to their power play on beauty, dressing, craft and even their finances...Well, I had to some research online to know more before arriving at a conclusion even though I do know my choice right from the start..

Nairaland was my first point of call and I really laughed out loud at some comments; a lot of emphasis was on beauty without make up and I do agree with that as the best way to know who is more beautiful, some others were concerned about their figure as an edge to decide the beautiful one but at the end of it, I went with no make up rule..and here I am..we can see for ourselves but I must say, Ini Edo looks much more beautiful and even prettier with and without make up..When you go on Google and check out their pictures...You will know and for those of you who have seen both ladies physically, am sure you know better...

Friday, 7 November 2014


There has been a lot of buzz concerning the sudden interest of our entertainers and showbiz personalities in the process of governance in Nigeria, As for me the question is why wait for this time?...Have they run dry of cash and therefore see a government position as an escape route?..Well, It is quite easy to stand on a protocol to say It is also their fundamental right to vote or be voted for but why the massive rush into politics...Being a successful actress or musician does not equate for being a good leader...

The likes of Kate Henshaw, Desmond Elliot, Tony Tetuila, 9ice Abolore, Kenny St. Brown and Chief Dayo Adeneye have been working all day and night to come out victorious amidst dislikes by some Nigerians...but as we dwell on their genuine interest for the masses, Comedian, Ayo Makun(AY) says God has not called him to do politics..I really find that insulting because aside the fact that we like using the name of God to justify certain selfish goals, Is Politics a joke..Do you think President Jonathan is always having a normal breakfast..? Globally, It is a big task to lead.

Politics is not a theological thing..You do not wait for a call to lead..start from your family, community, industry and your deeds will speak for you and naturally, society will recommend you as reliable leader at the higher front as a governor or president..and I think Journalists and On Air Personalities should stop throwing these guys with a notion of leadership because most of them are even far from being a philanthropist, how then can they lead a constituency or country?


Aside the controversies at the Square Towers as regards the speculations of a likely separation of Psquare, Peter Okoye seems highly responsible with the social media use..I am not excluding him from those that flaunt but he seems more like a good family man from these pictures I see, except he is trying to use his children as a PR strategy of ''Yes, I am very responsible as a father''. This is Peter Okoye with his son, Cameron and little daughter, whom by the way looks so much like her mum.
If this is truly the work of a Publicist, then I totally support it because It gives a good impression that family is workable, family is fun, family is lovely..This is a better way of Nigerians respecting you than those who have decided to flaunt guns in our faces..what message is that actually and not forgetting those who use beefs to create attention for themselves by dry cleaning their dirty laundries on the social media.

We all leave in a world where hate and love is the order of the day but we should not extend it to the social media because It raises more curiosity about the sanity of such an individual..You do know some Nigerians do not know how to control their hands and thoughts when on a social media..So lets be inspiring with the use just like Peter Okoye...and if you actually beef such acts...You are on a long thing...!
By all defintions, I am not a crazy fan of Psquare but I totally respect Peter Okoye and his family values..It is obvious he spends a lot of time with his family amidst the various crazy schedules.


31 years old Oscar Winning Actress Lupita Nyong'O is looking more like a model these days than an actress...This gorgeous campaign is for Lancome, a brand under L'absolu Rouge..that's definitely some French thing going for her..She gave a very convincing statement that can sell the brand hugely to most women around the world..Lupita says "Make up for me is like the frame of an art piece. Wearing Lipstick makes me feel well dressed...If Lipsticks can be your best friend then Absolu Rouge may be that". I say that is attitude am talking about...right on point.

Lupita admitted that she still does not understand the celebrity status and would love to have a course on that as she is still learning..She has also covered Glamour Magazine, Women of the Year Issue for 2014.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Award Winning Nigerian Actor, Okechukwu ''OC'' Ukeje will get married to his long time girlfriend, Ibikun Togonu this Saturday in a Church...Congratulations and no more ''Alan Pozing''. I actually thought any marriage proposal would be directed towards creative writer and actress, Lala Akindoju because they are always together at events, movies and other social gatherings.

OC Ukeje came into prominence after winning an edition of Amstel Malta Box office Reality show and has since gone ahead to be a force to reckon with in Nollywood..He has featured in many award winning films and drama including Two Brides and a Baby, Alan Poza, Confusion Na Wa, Hood Rush, Half of a Yellow Sun and Gidi Up.

I believe some ladies are not too cool with this news because the dinner table can only be set by just one person now and you know he has to wake up by the side of that same woman all his life..Happy Married Life Jare Mr. Alan Poza...


Lagos is the centre for and of excellence but there are some behavioural  attributes of some Lagosians that gives it another centre of confusion and trouble. Majority of the BRT Ticketers should not have been employed..I will simply put the blame on the authorized personnel who is in charge of recruiting these people..some of whom must have cried out to God for a job and after getting the job, they become a crisis in the state.

There are several experiences I encounter and am sure the same applies to some commuters of the BRT Service..These guys lack respect, manners, intelligence and customer relations. You have situations where they shout on you like kids, I do know some commuters can be difficult but they should be calm in their approach.

These guys are fond of stylishly extorting money from passengers by holding back every balance from the purchase of tickets..Some of them have received the beating of their life in time past and that brings me to their employees or should we agree that they are all birds of a feather?

Majority of the ticketers should be tested at the psychiatric ward before being employed because they do act like mad people sometimes especially the female ones..I really do not know how the employment process goes but the HR. should be held responsible for this menace that rocks our Lagos everyday. Another terrible routine I observed is how the tickets are being sold sometimes; When you approach the sales point at their terminal, you might see four sales agent but you will observe that It is just one of them that is selling, and when you ask might be lucky enough to get a response or they shout back at you...

I am not saying the system does not have some good ones but majority do have some excesses that is so out of place and needs to be checked...commuters are not animals; they are beings just like them and do deserve some respect.


I love Nigeria with all my strength..I listen to to Its rhythmic sounds everyday..There are various dance steps that emanate every year and we as a people are so crazy about our creative artistes but I get upset when some songs are remixed because some meals have just been made awesome, No one needs an extra flavour and a typical example is what Oritsefemi did to Double Wahala with Dbanj. I am not saying Dbanj cannot deliver, even though he is not the most preferred option to remix a song because I was disappointed at the output of Kukere remix...I guess his irresistible presence and swag is quite a plus to any music video...

I believe some Nigerian acts dwell on the huge success of a song and therefore feel a remix will add more financial gain to their pocket but alas, It does not work that all the time..A most surprising one is laid back Nfana Ibaga, which some of us would have forgotten by Tubaba..and yet again, remixed with Dbanj..Now, I have lots of concerned questions for Mr. Innocent Idibia- What inspired the remix, Why on earth should it just be remixed now, Is he broke and he is trying to seek a technical career approach to cover up some financial tracks...?
Tubaba should not give us a clue that he has fallen short of ideas and so going back to his oldies is a better option, as Nigerians will always love it but I am a great fan and I do believe that all his songs are just perfect the way they are...These are just few of the artistes who do remix their songs and yet when asked the inspiration behind it, they have no cogent response but I do know Its more about the money and not the inspiration.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


This Lady caught my attention with her white swag this morning...all glaring and everyone who appreciates a beautiful woman did take a second or even a third look at for me, I had to use my phone to tell this story by capturing the moment..the frontal view had more attention but unfortunately I missed that part..

I actually love the fact that there are touches of pink around the sneakers and thank the Lord she did not decide to go for a white jeans because I know some ladies can be that out of place..a dark blue pair of jeans is actually a killer any day

Thank God the rain had stopped because It would have been a total error assembling all of these together..She looks cool and who says Lagos is not the centre of Excellence...?