Saturday, 25 January 2014


Bukky Wright is a well respected and valued brand in Nollywood and her craft has been used creatively by many Producers across the continent. She further went ahead to produce her own movies and the feedbacks has been commendable, most especially the movie- Omotara Johnson, which i found thrilling even though I was not cool with two-Part production that also prolonged into a third part.

When I viewed her recent movie-Kani, a self character title played by Bukky Wright herself, I found so many errors aside the fact that It was similar to Omotara Johnson, a woman who was determined against all odds to be powerful but am not too concerned about the story but the directing, continuity, editing and so on. They tried to fuse a good suspense but that has been killed from the very beginning when her mission was thrown right in our face, leaving out the personality behind Kani...

The Dialogue was quite funny, matured and modern enough for the plot but there were too many things happening at the same time, and as usual, Yoruba Movies drag their scenes for too long, which is the reason why we always get a second part-Dragging scenes is a cover up for lack of an in-depth story line...I managed to watch the movie to the end because Bukky Wright actually has a good action craft and I must commend Aishat Abimbola for her delivery.

The delivery of the plot was just direct-poverty, richness, power, and back to purity. I believe the script was not well developed and treated...Nevertheless, It is my opinion because I actually still watched it for the sake of being entertained.


At the present state of our dear Nation Nigeria where various presidential surprises are springing up daily, most countries are trying very hard to make lives better for their citizens..and so, another good news in Nigeria is the Presidential Election that will hold on Valentines Day come 2015. I strongly recommend you cancel all your fun plans for that time, to get your freak on with the presidential election....

The National Assembly elections has also been scheduled for that day while the Governorship and State House Assembly elections will hold on the 28th of same month.

This I believe is a fixed date except certain people highly placed frown against that historical day which has been scheduled for love, care and sharing around the world. Till then, lets just look forward to the celebrations this year and remember, It is not meant for sex maniacs alone who are looking for a prey or willing victim...It is a moment to care for the less privileged around us. God bless you


The Nigerian Music Industry has no doubt recorded immense success in the past years; from record deals, Artiste Management, Endorsement to Global Tours and the drive for such delivery has not stopped because the Chefs of Lyrics and Bakers of Music Videos are still very much active. Collaborations has not stopped but the most interesting development is the fusion of indigenous languages into their lyrics..

Every Nigerian Music Artiste today has realised the need to sing their route into their music and trust me, the beats are 100% solid...We are actually heading back to the old school but on a trendy platform..I will like to appreciate the likes of Olamide who actually stood out from the beginning of his career by dishing out rap lines in the yoruba dialect, most recent is 'Eleda mi'..this particular song drives you into a moment where you just have to dance and sing along till the end. Phyno is another unique Rap Artiste who delivers mad lyrics in Igbo Language and ofcourse WizKid.

The females are also not left out; Chidinma a.k.a Miss Kedike also proved her worth in Emi Ni Baller, Niyola (Toh Bad), and recently released video, Surulere by Dr Sid featuring Don Jazzy..Lets face it, there is nothing like our Afro beats, High Life, Juju, Apala and so many other traditional beats.

Some Artistes went further to do a collaboration with the old generation; Tuface Idibia did a classic remix with Sir Victor Olaiya, WizKid also worked with Legendary Femi Kuti and I believe we shall soon witness many of such deals because there is nothing like music from your roots.

Friday, 24 January 2014


Aaron Sunday is a fine brilliant Actor and Model who knows his craft from A to Z...and is ready to leave you blown away in a new captivating Television Series, Karma which will be airing every Sunday at 9.30pm on Television Continental(TVC).

Aaron is a fast rising Actor and is being tagged by some people as the next Ramsey Nouah, Only time will tell but surprisingly, his craft has gotten the attention of so many Drama and Movie Producers across the country.


If there is anything that sells a brand so well, It is a human figure and tools used includes the body, the voice and even abstract details like mannerisms..Models have been carved to be great brand ambassadors, especially the Fashion Industry. Several Corporate bodies have also adopted that style but there is a growing concern in Nigeria.

In a recent chat with a friend who knows so much about the business and the industry, some disturbing issues was raised and that has to do with the recent take over of the industry by Actors, Actresses and Musicians which is quite alarming. Yes, they are prominent faces but do they actually own the pedigree and charisma to deliver a professional modelling career or Its just about the money rolling into their account.

He was particularly not happy with the current trends in the Telecom sector and I do have certain reservations about some Artistes who are used as ambassadors. I particularly feel that they are not selling anything because phone calls, messages are just current global necessities and with or without these guys, We will patronize the industry but rendering these models useless is totally distasteful.

It takes a lot to be a model and this is not about your fame or money because there is a training involved here..You cannot compare Oluchi or Alek as an International Model to Kate Henshaw or Monalisa as a Model, even if they are representing the same brand..They are all famous but approach to selling the brand is far different, In essence, there is more to modelling than just being famous.

If there is a functioning regulatory body, Its time to fight for your right as the true professionals of the Industry and I am not totally ruling out the Artiste because fame is a powerful tool but the congestion is too much..haba..even their pay is over hyped sef.

Friday, 10 January 2014


The recent revelations about Academic Certificates of Government Officers across the country makes me feel the name Nigeria might not be real itself because we are a complete mess of ourselves...At this global stage of the world, where most countries are concerned about strategic goals in improving the lives of its citizens, we are busy filling up our dailies with junks of certificates, letter writing or essay, car scandals and so on.

Don't get me wrong-every country has its own issues, perhaps more trivia than ours but why lie or forge certificates just to uplift your personae in political leadership, Stella Oduah is not the first and only name you can think of when it comes to such mess but her case is just hillarious, who says a primary school certificate holder cannot lead, its all about the prospect and vision of the person, which i do not find even in some highly educated officers.

How real is our name then?, Are we actually ripe for independence?, Does Stella Oduah actually know what a brain box is, the various types of Aircraft, where the Cock pit is?

Every thing is forged in Nigeria, birth certificates, school results, vehicle licenses, medical papers, insurance documents....we are false in our attitude, relationships and development...what is the fate of the unborn child?

I have more questions to ask than writing a sermon on how to castigate and rubbish Stella Oduah because there are still many other Stellas out there who got into office by any means, the spirit of Toronto University can never leave the corridors of powers.

Friday, 3 January 2014


Before taking my time to write about this young lady, I actually took some time to google her name but all I saw were reports on nudity et al...Honestly, Maheeda seems to have lost a better part of her because i vividly remember her attitude towards ''Oko Yampia'' but what exactly happened to her.

This could be seen from several angles; It could be a case of low self esteem or she is just in need of a short cut to stardom, and perhaps advised by some select in the industry who gave her the full confidence and may I add that, this might not be a case of drug usage but just ultimately daring yourself because scandal sells big time

Presently, she just did a new music video somewhere in Ikeja for one of her songs titled 'Naija Bad Girl'. She's practically naked in some scenes in this video and am certain this will not go on our regular terrestrial channel without being shut down by NBC.

So many Nigerian Movie and Music Artistes are daily springing up with funny and weird ideas just to be up there but Maheeda has just gone from bad to worse, this is not being famous or daring about your career, It is not appealing to our modest mind and I am of the opinion that such things should be left in your private constituent and not as a music video.

If she continues this way, She might end up in therapy and that is if drugs are involved but these are some of the reasons why rape will not cease, why women will continue to be seen as an underdog and not valued, these are reasons why women are molested in public and private, just like what Dbanj did at the Lagos Count Down...


In Nigeria, Education is seen as a top priority by most people because they feel that is the only window to an ideal success in life based on your various levels of studies and certification, certainly, this cannot be over emphasized but somewhere along the line, most students, children or even adults tend to discover certain flair or interest in some social activities, which perhaps, is a source of income or financial stability.

I do value the importance of education because my parents are particularly keen about an extreme level of study but what do you say to a child who has a passion for music,dance or acting?. We cannot make a precise decision about that because that might just be the needed breakthrough of his very essence in life, Yes, It is a beautiful thing to have a School Certificate, BSc., MSc,, PhD., and all that but my believe is, we all cannot go through the four walls of a classroom to succeed.

For Instance, while in my High School, my performance as a science student was not that great and i was personally concerned and feared failing my WAEC but i made a quick decision and paid the Guidance and Counselling a visit, carried out some Aptitude Tests and from there, I discovered that i was cut out for the Arts.

When you discover a certain talent in your child, nurture and groom it to a certain level that will be balanced with the Academics or Simply apply for a Professional Diploma in that gifted area...Lets break it this way; A child passionate about Dance, Acting or Singing can Train at SPAN, and later apply into the University to study Mass Communication, Theatre or Creative Arts, instead of forcing them to study Law, Medicine just because you want to pass on a legacy.

Talent is as important as education because when education fails you, talent gives you a surviving grace, especially when it is well appreciated. You can sing and be paid but no one will pay you for being a first class, they only pay for your service value and contribution to an establishment. Your Dancing can bring money through endorsement, training other people and many more.

This is not to dis value the moral behind academic pursuit because education actually gives more prestige to your talent, It is a bedrock for a complete financial stability in life but when you discover any good traits in your child, explore and fully understand what that child is doing and the level of interest there.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Funmi Iyanda is unarguably  Nigeria's Queen of Talk Show. It is easy to question her continuity and existence on Television but when that personae comes up on your screen, This is a Woman that keeps you alert, thinking and appreciative of who you are, especially the Women.

This feat she started many years ago on NTA and she is yet to retire in that aspect, rather, she continues to take it to a different level at every opportunity. Having witnessed the launch of the Change A Life Foundation at Federal Palace in Lagos, I was convinced about the concept, It was not a show of money, wealth and fame, It was gathering to save humanity and as you know, F.I will never hide how she feels.

She even apologetically expressed her disappointment towards Dbanj who was expected in this year's Change A Life Show on NTA..She says it was disrespectful of him to have send in a mail an hour into the show..That is Funmi for you, take it or leave it, Television is not for fairy tale, glamour, deception and pretence...It is a means of Information, Education and Entertainment.

Change A Life is passionate about children in general and the girl child in particular, and that was the centre of the show, which airs live every first day of a new year.

Change A Life is a vision of Funmi Iyanda, A Social Service Non-Profit Organization with the mission to act as a bridge between people with human, community and leadership potential yet great need and the individuals, agencies and organizations with the capacity and willingness to meet these people's needs.

This year, she had some exceptional media entrepreneurs; Sola Salako, Tolu Oniru, Susan Eyo-Honesty and Matse, others include Fashion Designer/Critic, Emmy Collins and not forgetting the number one citizen of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola(SAN). Change A Life is a full fledged foundation now after a little small start by Funmi.

There are other TV Personalities who are doing something similar in bringing change to the Girl Child via Television or Radio; Aishat Falode and Bimbo Akintola of Amazons and the new fresh wave, Labi Layori of TV Continental.

A lot of people want Funmi back on screen but i must say she has actually gained enough prominence beyond the Television and doing a more inter relationship thing with society through her foundation, which is quite tasking than the camera,lights,action routine.