Friday, 10 January 2014


The recent revelations about Academic Certificates of Government Officers across the country makes me feel the name Nigeria might not be real itself because we are a complete mess of ourselves...At this global stage of the world, where most countries are concerned about strategic goals in improving the lives of its citizens, we are busy filling up our dailies with junks of certificates, letter writing or essay, car scandals and so on.

Don't get me wrong-every country has its own issues, perhaps more trivia than ours but why lie or forge certificates just to uplift your personae in political leadership, Stella Oduah is not the first and only name you can think of when it comes to such mess but her case is just hillarious, who says a primary school certificate holder cannot lead, its all about the prospect and vision of the person, which i do not find even in some highly educated officers.

How real is our name then?, Are we actually ripe for independence?, Does Stella Oduah actually know what a brain box is, the various types of Aircraft, where the Cock pit is?

Every thing is forged in Nigeria, birth certificates, school results, vehicle licenses, medical papers, insurance documents....we are false in our attitude, relationships and development...what is the fate of the unborn child?

I have more questions to ask than writing a sermon on how to castigate and rubbish Stella Oduah because there are still many other Stellas out there who got into office by any means, the spirit of Toronto University can never leave the corridors of powers.