Saturday, 25 January 2014


Bukky Wright is a well respected and valued brand in Nollywood and her craft has been used creatively by many Producers across the continent. She further went ahead to produce her own movies and the feedbacks has been commendable, most especially the movie- Omotara Johnson, which i found thrilling even though I was not cool with two-Part production that also prolonged into a third part.

When I viewed her recent movie-Kani, a self character title played by Bukky Wright herself, I found so many errors aside the fact that It was similar to Omotara Johnson, a woman who was determined against all odds to be powerful but am not too concerned about the story but the directing, continuity, editing and so on. They tried to fuse a good suspense but that has been killed from the very beginning when her mission was thrown right in our face, leaving out the personality behind Kani...

The Dialogue was quite funny, matured and modern enough for the plot but there were too many things happening at the same time, and as usual, Yoruba Movies drag their scenes for too long, which is the reason why we always get a second part-Dragging scenes is a cover up for lack of an in-depth story line...I managed to watch the movie to the end because Bukky Wright actually has a good action craft and I must commend Aishat Abimbola for her delivery.

The delivery of the plot was just direct-poverty, richness, power, and back to purity. I believe the script was not well developed and treated...Nevertheless, It is my opinion because I actually still watched it for the sake of being entertained.