Friday, 3 January 2014


Before taking my time to write about this young lady, I actually took some time to google her name but all I saw were reports on nudity et al...Honestly, Maheeda seems to have lost a better part of her because i vividly remember her attitude towards ''Oko Yampia'' but what exactly happened to her.

This could be seen from several angles; It could be a case of low self esteem or she is just in need of a short cut to stardom, and perhaps advised by some select in the industry who gave her the full confidence and may I add that, this might not be a case of drug usage but just ultimately daring yourself because scandal sells big time

Presently, she just did a new music video somewhere in Ikeja for one of her songs titled 'Naija Bad Girl'. She's practically naked in some scenes in this video and am certain this will not go on our regular terrestrial channel without being shut down by NBC.

So many Nigerian Movie and Music Artistes are daily springing up with funny and weird ideas just to be up there but Maheeda has just gone from bad to worse, this is not being famous or daring about your career, It is not appealing to our modest mind and I am of the opinion that such things should be left in your private constituent and not as a music video.

If she continues this way, She might end up in therapy and that is if drugs are involved but these are some of the reasons why rape will not cease, why women will continue to be seen as an underdog and not valued, these are reasons why women are molested in public and private, just like what Dbanj did at the Lagos Count Down...