Friday, 3 January 2014


In Nigeria, Education is seen as a top priority by most people because they feel that is the only window to an ideal success in life based on your various levels of studies and certification, certainly, this cannot be over emphasized but somewhere along the line, most students, children or even adults tend to discover certain flair or interest in some social activities, which perhaps, is a source of income or financial stability.

I do value the importance of education because my parents are particularly keen about an extreme level of study but what do you say to a child who has a passion for music,dance or acting?. We cannot make a precise decision about that because that might just be the needed breakthrough of his very essence in life, Yes, It is a beautiful thing to have a School Certificate, BSc., MSc,, PhD., and all that but my believe is, we all cannot go through the four walls of a classroom to succeed.

For Instance, while in my High School, my performance as a science student was not that great and i was personally concerned and feared failing my WAEC but i made a quick decision and paid the Guidance and Counselling a visit, carried out some Aptitude Tests and from there, I discovered that i was cut out for the Arts.

When you discover a certain talent in your child, nurture and groom it to a certain level that will be balanced with the Academics or Simply apply for a Professional Diploma in that gifted area...Lets break it this way; A child passionate about Dance, Acting or Singing can Train at SPAN, and later apply into the University to study Mass Communication, Theatre or Creative Arts, instead of forcing them to study Law, Medicine just because you want to pass on a legacy.

Talent is as important as education because when education fails you, talent gives you a surviving grace, especially when it is well appreciated. You can sing and be paid but no one will pay you for being a first class, they only pay for your service value and contribution to an establishment. Your Dancing can bring money through endorsement, training other people and many more.

This is not to dis value the moral behind academic pursuit because education actually gives more prestige to your talent, It is a bedrock for a complete financial stability in life but when you discover any good traits in your child, explore and fully understand what that child is doing and the level of interest there.