Friday, 24 January 2014


If there is anything that sells a brand so well, It is a human figure and tools used includes the body, the voice and even abstract details like mannerisms..Models have been carved to be great brand ambassadors, especially the Fashion Industry. Several Corporate bodies have also adopted that style but there is a growing concern in Nigeria.

In a recent chat with a friend who knows so much about the business and the industry, some disturbing issues was raised and that has to do with the recent take over of the industry by Actors, Actresses and Musicians which is quite alarming. Yes, they are prominent faces but do they actually own the pedigree and charisma to deliver a professional modelling career or Its just about the money rolling into their account.

He was particularly not happy with the current trends in the Telecom sector and I do have certain reservations about some Artistes who are used as ambassadors. I particularly feel that they are not selling anything because phone calls, messages are just current global necessities and with or without these guys, We will patronize the industry but rendering these models useless is totally distasteful.

It takes a lot to be a model and this is not about your fame or money because there is a training involved here..You cannot compare Oluchi or Alek as an International Model to Kate Henshaw or Monalisa as a Model, even if they are representing the same brand..They are all famous but approach to selling the brand is far different, In essence, there is more to modelling than just being famous.

If there is a functioning regulatory body, Its time to fight for your right as the true professionals of the Industry and I am not totally ruling out the Artiste because fame is a powerful tool but the congestion is too much..haba..even their pay is over hyped sef.