Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I do recall some set of Nollywood acts featuring in a PR Campaign for President Jonathan when he wanted to get to the number One position, which i found quite appealing because there was a connection to some of us...We all know what the feeling is now towards that government but the make-believe guys have woken up again to show their support to Mr President by honoring him as the Grand Patron of Nollywood, How many movies has Mr President seen, Does he truly believe in these people, Is he aware of their health and Insurance challenges?...Yet, This is the grand patron.

What exactly is going on here...Election financial jamboree or a wake up initiative by the Ibinabo led team to revitalise the industry from its numerous challenges?...I am so sure every citizen is not fooled by these  because word is out on the street that why at this time...why?

I do not care about their agenda at the Villa but they should ensure that meeting, dining and socializing with Mr President must yield a good result for the industry, their colleagues drop dead because of medical bills, housing is also an issue and general welfare..and how about building a comprehensive film school where everyone can train and retrain their craft.

Now that Funke Akindele, Segun Arinze, Ini Edo, Susan Peters, Yul Edochie, Chidi Mokeme have all been to the villa..I guess it is a taboo for them to speak against this me, it is like an oath...

Saturday, 8 February 2014


He kept to the fixed time of my interview with him...At exactly 3pm, Baaj Adebule proved that there is more to him...This 6 ft. Native of Ijebu Ode is a reserved individual who is a model and an actor, 3rd runner up-Mr Nigeria 2011 and a graduate of Economics from Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

Baaj says acting is the only thing he enjoys but the pay coming from modelling is actually good, eventhough he is just barely 2 years and a half in the industry. He actually admitted that Mr Nigeria helped him to the front line but he was working prior before that moment.

A former CSR. with DSTV Mobile, ''good pay and working relationship but i felt i was dying inside, and after a while, I decided to go into entertainment'' Baaj says...He further narrated his testimony about his move to compete in the Mr Nigeria Pageant in 2011, due to his slim stature back then, he never saw himself as one that fits into that platform but friends convinced him to groom, go for gym sessions, grow some muscle and get an agent..and out of about 160 contestants, Baaj emerged as 3rd runner up coming behind Winner, Deji Bakare, First Runner up, Melvin Oduah and Second Runner up, Chuks Obichukwu.
Baaj says there are some people born to do some particular things, you won't feel fulfilled doing something else, no matter how successful you are...Baaj started his acting prowess from Tinsel and that was before Mr Nigeria and his family actually celebrated like he won an oscar. He talked about his mother quite a few times in the course of my interview with him and that only proved that his mum is a shoulder to always lean on, with her prayers, motivational talks and support as confirmed by Baaj.

Baaj is so into showbiz that he actually does not know where his certificate is and that means he has no intention of delving into another line of career, eventhough his mum recommended Economics for him, she says It allows you try different things after graduation but alas, the story is different today as this brand has carved a niche for himself in the make-believe world.

Baaj wants to build his acting career to a level where he can say NO to some things and YES to others because it won't be about money then...standards must be set he says. He expressed that there will be times you would feel like quitting because It is not easy in this business, you have to know where you are going.

This is actually one model who says he knows nothing about Fashion and Styling, ''I follow what my Stylist offers, so far the shoes are comfortable and the shirts are fitting''.Baaj loves children and intends to do a charity cause for the less privileged ones in future and he loves to cook but he admits firmly that he is terrible at it, He described an experience whereby his mum danced because he cooked a simple rice, quite embarrasing for him.

Baaj has worked with Actor turned Producer/Director, Chuks Elvis on Secrets and Scandals in 2012, He also starred in the movie, Four Crooks and a Rookie which premiered in 2013, His skills also got some attention in deadline, directed by Imoh Umoren....Baaj proved more by working with the likes of Wole Ojo, Gabriel Afolayan, Yvonne Vixen, Victoria Kimani and Ivie Okujaye in 7 Inch Curve which should be premired this April 2014.

Just like most actors today, Baaj was also obsessed with movies while a little boy and he likes Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Liz Benson and Ramsey Nouah.


Now, this is not a new trend around the world whereby you merge your old and recent pictures but since the release of Dr Sid's Music Video-Surulere featuring Don Jazzy, The social media has been trending with so many celebrities uploading the ''Surulere'' syndrome and it is quite infectious these days.

Actually, It is not about the picture but a definition of what you are today which is tagged with success from what you were years back and that means that Patience is a great virtue (Surulere, A yoruba language in Nigeria).Jude Engees Okoye actually looks awkward here but who cares about that today, his ''Suru'' has actually ''Lere'', Same thing applies to Dr Sid who looks really in need of a good diet from his past picture but today, he is well fed like he eats money for dessert.

So, yet another trend has started this year but actually, It is a celebration of success, so tag along and do not beef or you might just die of depression....


I am actually not surprised that Maheeda has a child..which ofcourse is no big deal but using it as a PR Strategy to counter the various controversies labelled at her...This is pure PR at work and certainly, It will work for her because of our kind of society..We have a pity-party kind of nature whereby the society feels for you when they hear about how you struggled to raise a child.

I am not sure if this will work for her because she is not the first to face certain challenges while raising a child...and for her to have a personae, how long will this intervention last..and i ask, Is her daughter aware of mummy's controversies or not?...

Words and messages must have reached her about the recent music video she just released which am sure might never be considered for airplay in Nigeria and her publicist or personal adviser just summoned her to reveal her child and the story around her upbringing...Anyways, she is quite a cutie and am sure you will go to any length to give her the best of the best...Now that we know, play low on the ''nuditism...''


Are you in search of where to showcase your creative Bags, Belts, Neckpieces, Earrings, Wallets, Wrist Watches, Bracelets, Cravats, Gloves, Hats, Suspenders, Scarves, Ties, Eyewear and Footwears...Do not sweat too much as the third edition of the Lagos Accessories Fair will hold soon in April 2014.

The Exhibiting Categories includes Exclusive, Premium, Classic and Regular..and there is an opportunity for you to be part of the Fashion Show/Award Nite holding same day at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos. For more Enquiries, Call 0803-717-9958


Olanrewaju Ogunmefun better known by his stage name Vector the Viper, is a Nigerian Hip Hop Act..Vector has released two studio albums, his debut album "State of Surprise (SOS)" and a follow-up. He is the voice behind the Sprite commercial that has aired on most radio stations across Nigeria since 2009 but right now, I will call him Vector The Victim...

He is apparently in some sort of trouble with his record label, YSG Entertainment.The record label through a Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos have obtained an injunction against him, restraining him from recording,releasing,distributing any composition,song,musical work or carrying out any activity or gaining any benefit from any organisation other than YSG entertainment.

This is a serious matter and could be signs leading to Vector running his business all alone, which I believe not every Artiste can be successful with that feat...I hope he gets out of this mess soon



Kayswitch should be a father in the next 3 Months, If truly his Former Miss Liberia Girlfriend, Meenakshi Monica Subramani is pregnant..Recently, they celebrated their one year anniversary since they started dating but alas, someone has made more proposal than we expected...Will he eventually marry this black beauty or Is he ready for Fatherhood...I am quite sure he can handle it because even Wizkid knows better about investing so much in the life of a child, planned or unplanned....

What do we call the mixture of a Nigerian and Liberian blood....Tough i guess?

Sunday, 2 February 2014


This is the body of 23 Years Old Puerto Rican Boxer, Christopher Rivera Amaro who was killed and his family decided to prop his body in a fake boxing ring setting which depicts him as a hero in his career..Can we say It is their culture or It is a case of honor bestowed upon him..He left behind a wife, son and mother...
Even in death, he looked ready to box leaning against the corner of a stimulated ring...Things we do for love...


The winner of the 2014 Miss Tourism Nigeria event will walk away with a brand new car, an opportunity to represent Nigeria at the 2014 Miss Tourism World contest, a year wardrobe, a year gym membership plus subscription to favourite fashion magazine, a year accommodation at a fully furnished luxury apartment and also a year as brand ambassador and spokesperson for a major charity cause (organization).

It would be recalled that in 2012, Miss Tomi Salami represented Nigeria at the global edition of the Miss Tourism World event in Bangkok – Thailand amongst over 60 countries while Miss Jennifer Igwegbe did Nigeria proud when she represented the country in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea for the 2013 edition of the Miss Tourism World event which also featured about 68 nations.

·        BENIN – 1st March 2014
·        ILORIN/IFE – 2nd March 2014
·        OWERRI – 7th March 2014
·        PORT HARCOURT – 8th March 2014
·        UYO – 14th March 2014
·        CALABAR – 15th March 2014
·        ABUJA – 22nd March 2014
·        LAGOS – 29th March 2014