Sunday, 2 February 2014


American Idol has a history of being a first class musical talent hunt but the past two or three years have not been good enough; from the judge drama, show content and total media hype but guess what, 2014 is a miracle as American Idol is back, better and might just have its position back as Numero Uno...

Check out the Judges; Keith Lionel Urban is a New Zealand-born Australian-raised country music musician, songwriter, guitarist, and television music competition judge. When he was 2 years old, his parents moved the family to Australia, where his career eventually began..Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr. is an American singer, musician and actor. He has sold over 28 million albums worldwide and the best news is the return of Jennifer Lopez, an American actress, dancer, fashion designer, perfumer, philanthropist, producer, recording artist and television personality..

This is what Jennifer Lopez said-“It was one of those things; it was so hard for me to leave the first time, [but] to be honest right now is the worst time for me to stop and do Idol!” She told Ryan on Sept. 3. “I’m doing two movies and I have my album coming out, but I’m doing it because I want to. I love it.”...One thing she wanted to clear up? No, it’s not about the money! “I know people like to make a big deal about the money, but for me, it’s not about that,” she revealed.

Harry Connick Jr. on the other hand was a mentor...He says“I am honored that they’ve asked me to be a judge this season. As an entertainer, I am truly excited to bring my perspective to American Idol, and to help emerging performers find their way.”