Saturday, 8 February 2014


Now, this is not a new trend around the world whereby you merge your old and recent pictures but since the release of Dr Sid's Music Video-Surulere featuring Don Jazzy, The social media has been trending with so many celebrities uploading the ''Surulere'' syndrome and it is quite infectious these days.

Actually, It is not about the picture but a definition of what you are today which is tagged with success from what you were years back and that means that Patience is a great virtue (Surulere, A yoruba language in Nigeria).Jude Engees Okoye actually looks awkward here but who cares about that today, his ''Suru'' has actually ''Lere'', Same thing applies to Dr Sid who looks really in need of a good diet from his past picture but today, he is well fed like he eats money for dessert.

So, yet another trend has started this year but actually, It is a celebration of success, so tag along and do not beef or you might just die of depression....