Saturday, 8 February 2014


I am actually not surprised that Maheeda has a child..which ofcourse is no big deal but using it as a PR Strategy to counter the various controversies labelled at her...This is pure PR at work and certainly, It will work for her because of our kind of society..We have a pity-party kind of nature whereby the society feels for you when they hear about how you struggled to raise a child.

I am not sure if this will work for her because she is not the first to face certain challenges while raising a child...and for her to have a personae, how long will this intervention last..and i ask, Is her daughter aware of mummy's controversies or not?...

Words and messages must have reached her about the recent music video she just released which am sure might never be considered for airplay in Nigeria and her publicist or personal adviser just summoned her to reveal her child and the story around her upbringing...Anyways, she is quite a cutie and am sure you will go to any length to give her the best of the best...Now that we know, play low on the ''nuditism...''