Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I do recall some set of Nollywood acts featuring in a PR Campaign for President Jonathan when he wanted to get to the number One position, which i found quite appealing because there was a connection to some of us...We all know what the feeling is now towards that government but the make-believe guys have woken up again to show their support to Mr President by honoring him as the Grand Patron of Nollywood, How many movies has Mr President seen, Does he truly believe in these people, Is he aware of their health and Insurance challenges?...Yet, This is the grand patron.

What exactly is going on here...Election financial jamboree or a wake up initiative by the Ibinabo led team to revitalise the industry from its numerous challenges?...I am so sure every citizen is not fooled by these  because word is out on the street that why at this time...why?

I do not care about their agenda at the Villa but they should ensure that meeting, dining and socializing with Mr President must yield a good result for the industry, their colleagues drop dead because of medical bills, housing is also an issue and general welfare..and how about building a comprehensive film school where everyone can train and retrain their craft.

Now that Funke Akindele, Segun Arinze, Ini Edo, Susan Peters, Yul Edochie, Chidi Mokeme have all been to the villa..I guess it is a taboo for them to speak against this me, it is like an oath...