Friday, 28 March 2014


"If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple"...I saw the quote and image on Google+ and could not help but share it..Ever since I read his book, Loosing My Virginity, I have come to respect, value and see Richard Branson  as a brand...that everyone loves to be around...The book features Richard Branson's story from rags to riches.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


From the Header, It has shown that this Multi-Talented being is still on a journey...A journey that started after claiming the Mr Nigeria title in 2011, organized by the Silverbird Group. Deji Bakare has continued to maintain and build on that success and that is why such a title can and will continue to open doors, get him anywhere and meet anyone including the Awujale of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona and that only proves that he is from Ogun State and still connects with his root.

While Chatting with him recently, Deji bears his heart out that he might be a celebrity but still human, He makes mistake and even offends people but tries to do the right thing at every opportunity. His words "I have always been the same person from day one and the difference is I have more responsibilities added. Am giving back, supporting, encouraging and showing love to the young ones".

Yes, Deji Bakare is Mr Nigeria 2011...and he represented Nigeria at the Mr Manhunt World in Bangkok, Thailand, winning the title of the Most Talented but he left there with something more than that..With the inspiration from how models were treated and respected, Deji decided to bring back such culture to Nigeria and that led to the birth of his popular Tv Reality show, Deji Bakare Talent Search(D'BATS) and when we say Deji Bakare is multi-Talented, I mean it by every word because he was able to parley all these successes into a music career. He released his first single ''Dream in Colour featuring one of Nigeria's Music talent, Sound Sultan in August 12, 2012.

If you think the Silverbird Group is just wasting their time by gathering lay-abouts as contestants for Mr Nigeria..You have it all wrong..Deji Bakare holds a BSc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the Lagos State University, A competent Computer Engineer and Desktop Publisher and also studied Cinematography at a Film School in Nigeria. Deji intends to further his education by getting a Masters in Theatre...What more can we say about this goal-getter, a man that believes in his dream and always positive.

In 2013, Deji Bakare came to Canada for the African Awards and weeks later, He had the chance to meet the Chief Executive of Protege Records and Hip Hop Act, DT..A relationship that has yielded the recording of a track titled ''My Time'' produced by Tye Craig...and that means he will be making headlines in Canada and across the world and back home in Nigeria. Do we really know what drives this man because he admits It is a lot task trying to get to where you want to be, there is the financial and mental challenge but he sincerely appreciates friends and families who stand by him always and most importantly, the media...who helps in sending out the right message.

He is the founder of Deji Bakare Foundation...Keeping the dream alive, An establishment outfit focused at taking talent into its next phase, he also adds that ''To have a foundation, you must have something to give'' and so, he has not stopped building up resources to help people and that includes using his title and name to get contacts for the less privileged-looking at issues like domestic abuse to women and children, which is also a major focus of the foundation.
Deji Bakare is holding the second edition of the Deji Bakare Talent Search in Canada and the expectations are high because the standard must exceed the previous edition and that is why he is meeting with different professionals in a quest to creating a world class reality show. US based International Super Runway Model, Sami Binta will be one of the Judges.

International Runway Model, Sami Binta
For this year 2014, Deji Bakare is wishing all the contestants of Mr. Nigeria 2014 the best and he says the eventual winner can always approach him for help, experience and support.

He further advised young ones aspiring to be a Mr. Nigeria, A Model or desiring to go into the celebrity world. "Ask yourself; Am i ready, Do I think I can take the heat, think twice? Can you do anything when you have nothing and you have a name.Once you are ready, then move on because no one can stop you once you get to that peak".
 This is Deji Bakare and he his here for change, growth and development of the young ones...A charismatic being who is determined  to make a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This is not another Selfie-made-popular image..just like Ellen and Friends at the Oscars.It is a combination of young creative acts in a movie titled 7 Inches Curve..I guess we need to see the movie to understand the title because It actually sounds weird..A movie about a bunch of crazy friends and how a particular life turns upside down when something hilariously disastrous happens. This is a movie creatively directed by Shola Thompson and Sade Dada...starring Baaj Adebule, Wole Ojo, Ivie Okujaye, Yvonne Vixen, Gabriel Afolayan, Victoria Kimani and Sensei Uche.
What more can you expect when you have a combination of these witty, sarcastic and talented beings..Baaj says It was 2 weeks of fun for him, playing a cool calm and reserved character..He says It is a step of becoming better as an actor and a step closer to his mentor, Leonardo Dicaprio...
I can imagine the level of chemistry that must have flowed amongst these guys..It was Baaj's first time working with everyone..We should all stand by for this movie, It is entertaining, fun and unique and like the casts say, there is nothing like it in Nigeria and out of Africa..I am particularly interested to see the delivery of Ivie, Victoria and Vixen...

Sunday, 23 March 2014


There are several ways to become famous, positive or negative and the counter effects are very open to the public to conclude or perhaps be judgmental about your personality..and what do you call a situation where people thrive on jealousy, slander, failure as a tool to be famous..Actually, without being specific or diverting away from my view..I am actually referring to Ministers of God all over the world, especially Nigeria.

There is a trend now as Pastors go publicly to reveal dreams and vision about certain people and I ask, why not go directly to the people involved, or pray on their behalf and ask them to seek the face of God...Is this a sort of cheap publicity in Nigeria now.

Anyways, Soul E has gathered a little fame recently after claiming he had a dream about certain incidents.
In my opinion, Soul E should address the personalities involved and not go viral in the social media to state this vision, As you know, Recently in Ghana, a certain prophet also listed a number of celebrities who might dine with death. Anyways, I guess the people involved must be consulting their various elders in their religion to avert these troubles...



 Love is a beautiful thing that most people around the world can attest to, irrespective of the circumstances...anything could make you fall in love, including a one-night encounter  which could result in a wonderful gift but what happens thereafter...We actually do not know.
For a while now, there have been speculations that Wizkid and his longtime girlfriend, Tania Omotayo are no longer together. They have not been spotted together at events as frequently as they used to, then they posted some cryptic messages on Instagram and Twitter which even fuelled the rumours.

Well, this seems like another Tuface-Annie-Pero-Sumbo series..I do want to believe that perhaps he is breaking up with Tania for another girl aside the baby mama but if he is returning to baby mama, then, I call him a MAN...a real one because It actually takes a whole lot of thought processing to go back to a baby mama...More so, that child would be very happy in a way.


According to Aaron Sunday's Acting Coach, Mrs. Tosan Ugbeye, The thought process should always be remembered by an actor and this advice pulled off for Actor, Aaron Sunday on the set of Tales of Eve-Caged, A production of Genesis Studios..Aaron Sunday was cast as Osagei, A man who supported a lady from when she was young and being jailed.He acted alongside Amstel Malta Box Office Season 2 Winner, Bhaira McWizu.
This was quite a challenge, not because Bhaira is a Pro at what she does but Aaron had to switch between old and young..and he revealed that such a production might not be according to pages..He says "you might be prepping for the younger version of that character and the next minute, you're to shoot the older version...and the interpretation for switching to both characters has to do with imagination and lots of thinking.also known as the thought process..You have to tone down your voice, the way you speak and your charisma".

Aaron Sunday is however grateful to Bhaira and the Director, Godking Obed Ekele and Production Manager, Adeoye Bakare, who actually believes so much in him..Aaron pulled through an over 2 weeks production despite shuttling the set of Karma-The Ripples as at that time but to really find out how he delivered his craft, stay tuned to African Independent Television on Sundays, 21.00 GMT.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Now, this is not the finals of a world cup neither is it Nigeria's Independent anniversary but a job examination interview or what ever name Its called...Lives were actually lost.Authorities of National Hospital, Abuja, on Saturday confirmed seven persons among 67,000 Nigeria Immigration Service job applicants in the FCT dead..This is totally crazy and I actually blame both parties involved here This is a bad omen for Nigeria..Our Leaders are sacrificing us daily right before our eyes and we are vulnerable about it and I ask, Is this where your hope lies when it comes to a quest for a better life.
News Agency of Nigeria recalls that in 2008, no fewer than 20 people died in various states of the federation during a similar exercise conducted by the Ministry of Interior for Nigeria Prisons Service, Nigeria Immigration Service and Customs Service. (NAN)..It was trouble at the various cities where such programme was conducted, except for Lagos where the scheduled interview did not take place despite the #1,000 collected from about 100,000 applicants...The entire road leading to the National Stadium was blocked by the applicants...This is suffering in another definition
It was reported that no fewer than 100, 000 of the applicants thronged the 45, 000-capacity National Stadium Saturday morning with the hope of getting a position out of the 3,000 job openings declared by the NIS...I really do not know what to say because there are various angles to this matter...What happened to the evolution of technology when it comes to jobs application?, Must everyone work at this Immigration and such a crowd, by the way, It is not A Nigerian Idol crowd...

Our Leaders are milking out our lives by the second, either by blood or psychology...Is this who we are or Is this what we want for ourselves, Over 20,000 forced their way through a gate at Owerri, leading to the death of a few weak people...Again, this was not Ultimate Search Auditions.

I hope this is not a strategy to reduce our alarming population but I would simply love to be objective about my conclusive opinion by stating that our leaders are biting more than they can really chew because loosing your life in the quest of securing a future calls for a failed government at every level of the country.


Genevieve Magazine has never disappointed when it comes to Its covers and they just make everyone breath life from a still image..Where do i start from: These are three wonderful people in their world, different age group, background, lifestyle but success is the only true definition of their similarities here and the composition of the image has so much balance.

Top TV personality Osas Ighodaro, amazing legendary actress Taiwo Ajai-Lycett and beauty expert Modupe Ozolua graced the covers of The march edition of Genevieve Magazine.


18-year-old gorilla, Imani, gave birth to a baby girl on March 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Imani showed signs of labor and was closely observed by animal care and veterinary staff. By evening, she showed no signs of progress and was transported to the Safari Park veterinary hospital for an emergency c-section.

The full-term baby, weighing 4.6 pounds is showing some complications believed to be related to the difficult labor, and she is currently in intensive care receiving oxygen and supplemental fluids at the veterinary hospital. Imani is recovering from surgery in the familiar surroundings of the gorilla bedroom area.

This is the first baby for Imani and the 17th gorilla to be born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The Safari Park is home to eight gorillas, including the new baby. There are four females: Vila, Kamilah, Kokamo, and Imani; two young males: Monroe, born at the Safari Park in 2011, and Frank, born at the San Diego Zoo in 2008; and adult male Winston, the silverback leader of the troop.


Early this year, these love birds celebrated their romantic anniversary, dating for over a year now...Recording Act and younger brother to Dbanj, KaySwitch and Liberian Ex-Beauty Queen, Meenakshi Monica Subramani welcomed a baby in the early hours of today. The proud & excited father shared a pic of the bundle of joy on instagram.

This is certainly a step in the right direction..We should expect marriage for the sake of this child but all the same, congratulations KaySwitch...Now, someone will say Uncle Dapo in no time...

Friday, 14 March 2014


Jackie Appiah and Bobby Obodo
The beautiful Canadian born Ghanaian actress actress has been dating Nigerian actor, Bobby Obodo and there are reports that he has officially met Jackie’s family and gotten approval from them and that means wedding bells I guess...This will officially make it her second marriage if It does finally happen...The mother of one as we know got divorced from her husband, Peter Agyeman some years ago...they actually got married way back in 1999.
Jackie Appiah and Peter Agyeman
 There were stories that had to do with insecurities leading to a collapse of the marriage but I certainly believe she is matured enough to choose what is best for her and her son..There is a rising rate at which actors and actresses are getting married...What exactly happened because some years back, quite a number of them swore to never date a colleague, let alone..think of marriage...Perhaps, It is more convenient for them and safe...


This is a publication according to OK! Nigeria and I must confess, Black is truly sexy but the list might be contestable because some people might ask, Where is Mercy Johnson, with her tsunamic curves and shapes of life..? Who do you think is not on this list and who deserves not to be here...?
2. AGBANI DAREGO (International Model & Fashion Entrepreneur)
4. OLUCHI ORLANDI (International Model)
5. ASHLEY MADEKWE (International Actress)
6. TIWA SAVAGE BALOGUN (Performing & Recording Artiste)
8. SADE ADU (International Recording & Performing Artiste)
9. TOLU ONIRU (On-Air Personality)
10. ENIOLA AKINBO (Recording Artiste)


The most exciting short fast paced action film you will see this year is on its way to be released. This short film introduces us to the mystical entity, OYA, goddess of change as she embarks on a perilous mission to save the innocent from the forces of evil...This short film is a precursor to the debut feature film of one of UK's most prominent Up and Coming young director, Nosa Igbinedion.
Orisha, a pantheon of charismatic gods similar to Roman and Greek deities are followed in places such as Trinidad, Cuba and Brazil as well as on the African Continent. This innovative project takes these beloved ancient deities and fuses their stories with modern super hero culture. After a successful crowd-funding campaign and subsequent shoot in London, Oya is now in its final stages of post production.
With a feature film in the early stages of development, the team which includes the director, Nosa Igbinedion, Producers, Orwi Imanuel Ameh and Jagwah Jaiye and other creative members are looking at developing the film into an international franchise.
OYA : RISE OF THE ORISHA is already generating considerable international buzz and this trailer below truly speaks a lot about what to expect..You will surely stay glued while watching..This is creativity at its best

Thursday, 13 March 2014


The African Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014 has come and gone but aside the glorious winnings of the night, It left us some of us sore with wounds on our style skin..Genevieve Nnaji has over the years stepped up her style instinct, even with owning a fashion label and she has been gracing so many red carpets with some eye-catching couture but she left me wondering...What is the message here or perhaps concept and I thought again, was it a rush rush job thing...No way..I am not a fashion Designer but at least, not this one maam..

This is the Genevieve I know...
Genevieve Nnaji @ AMVCA 2013
Genevieve Nnaji is no doubt my favorite actress, with a record of quality motion pictures and the fact that she has retained her gorgeous black skin is a great plus..but this 2014 AMVCA outfit...?
I feel It is an unfinished dress...but please, let us not throw away the baby with the bath water...She is stil Genevieve Nnaji...