Sunday, 23 March 2014


According to Aaron Sunday's Acting Coach, Mrs. Tosan Ugbeye, The thought process should always be remembered by an actor and this advice pulled off for Actor, Aaron Sunday on the set of Tales of Eve-Caged, A production of Genesis Studios..Aaron Sunday was cast as Osagei, A man who supported a lady from when she was young and being jailed.He acted alongside Amstel Malta Box Office Season 2 Winner, Bhaira McWizu.
This was quite a challenge, not because Bhaira is a Pro at what she does but Aaron had to switch between old and young..and he revealed that such a production might not be according to pages..He says "you might be prepping for the younger version of that character and the next minute, you're to shoot the older version...and the interpretation for switching to both characters has to do with imagination and lots of thinking.also known as the thought process..You have to tone down your voice, the way you speak and your charisma".

Aaron Sunday is however grateful to Bhaira and the Director, Godking Obed Ekele and Production Manager, Adeoye Bakare, who actually believes so much in him..Aaron pulled through an over 2 weeks production despite shuttling the set of Karma-The Ripples as at that time but to really find out how he delivered his craft, stay tuned to African Independent Television on Sundays, 21.00 GMT.