Friday, 7 March 2014


The Nigerian Idol has no doubt produced fantastic winners since inception and we just have to say a big thank you to the likes of Yinka Davies, Femi Kuti, Jeffrey Daniel and Audi Maikori..These Professionals have truly carved a niche for the talent show, even though I still have a bad feeling towards the sound that comes out of the performing studio during the full show.

Nigerian Idol Season 4 has stepped up big time bringing a combination of Individuals who know their worth in the global market, they are creative, dynamic and very professional to the core...Dede Mabiaku, Darey Art-Alade and Nneka...

It is actually a complete dessert when we have a very sarcastic Dede, A polished African, Nneka and some sensual feel craft from Darey..I believe a lot of the contestants would feel comfortable rather than tensed for the auditions and the live show...

These trio will ensure they deliver a winner of the show who will get N7.5 million cash prize, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry, an iPod and a brand new SUV car and a first runner up who will get N1.5 million prize, a Galaxy Tab, Blackberry and iPod; and the 2nd runner up to also receive N1 million, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry and an iPod. In addition, each of the finalists from fourth to 10th place will also receive N100, 000, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry and an iPod.

This is what Darey said in an interview - “It promises to be one of the most exciting highlights of my career. “You’re literally watching stars unfold and discover their greatest potential. It’s an extremely exhilarating and profound period for us all- judges and performers...“I’m looking for the things that separate the true artiste from all others: diction, ability to own a song, exceptional and rare talent and I know I’m going to find it on the Nigerian Idol stage.”

I am sure It will be a good time just like what we are experiencing in the American Version where Jennifer Lopez has returned alongside Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jnr...Nigerian Idol season 4 is sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria with support from Pepsi.