Thursday, 27 March 2014


From the Header, It has shown that this Multi-Talented being is still on a journey...A journey that started after claiming the Mr Nigeria title in 2011, organized by the Silverbird Group. Deji Bakare has continued to maintain and build on that success and that is why such a title can and will continue to open doors, get him anywhere and meet anyone including the Awujale of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona and that only proves that he is from Ogun State and still connects with his root.

While Chatting with him recently, Deji bears his heart out that he might be a celebrity but still human, He makes mistake and even offends people but tries to do the right thing at every opportunity. His words "I have always been the same person from day one and the difference is I have more responsibilities added. Am giving back, supporting, encouraging and showing love to the young ones".

Yes, Deji Bakare is Mr Nigeria 2011...and he represented Nigeria at the Mr Manhunt World in Bangkok, Thailand, winning the title of the Most Talented but he left there with something more than that..With the inspiration from how models were treated and respected, Deji decided to bring back such culture to Nigeria and that led to the birth of his popular Tv Reality show, Deji Bakare Talent Search(D'BATS) and when we say Deji Bakare is multi-Talented, I mean it by every word because he was able to parley all these successes into a music career. He released his first single ''Dream in Colour featuring one of Nigeria's Music talent, Sound Sultan in August 12, 2012.

If you think the Silverbird Group is just wasting their time by gathering lay-abouts as contestants for Mr Nigeria..You have it all wrong..Deji Bakare holds a BSc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the Lagos State University, A competent Computer Engineer and Desktop Publisher and also studied Cinematography at a Film School in Nigeria. Deji intends to further his education by getting a Masters in Theatre...What more can we say about this goal-getter, a man that believes in his dream and always positive.

In 2013, Deji Bakare came to Canada for the African Awards and weeks later, He had the chance to meet the Chief Executive of Protege Records and Hip Hop Act, DT..A relationship that has yielded the recording of a track titled ''My Time'' produced by Tye Craig...and that means he will be making headlines in Canada and across the world and back home in Nigeria. Do we really know what drives this man because he admits It is a lot task trying to get to where you want to be, there is the financial and mental challenge but he sincerely appreciates friends and families who stand by him always and most importantly, the media...who helps in sending out the right message.

He is the founder of Deji Bakare Foundation...Keeping the dream alive, An establishment outfit focused at taking talent into its next phase, he also adds that ''To have a foundation, you must have something to give'' and so, he has not stopped building up resources to help people and that includes using his title and name to get contacts for the less privileged-looking at issues like domestic abuse to women and children, which is also a major focus of the foundation.
Deji Bakare is holding the second edition of the Deji Bakare Talent Search in Canada and the expectations are high because the standard must exceed the previous edition and that is why he is meeting with different professionals in a quest to creating a world class reality show. US based International Super Runway Model, Sami Binta will be one of the Judges.

International Runway Model, Sami Binta
For this year 2014, Deji Bakare is wishing all the contestants of Mr. Nigeria 2014 the best and he says the eventual winner can always approach him for help, experience and support.

He further advised young ones aspiring to be a Mr. Nigeria, A Model or desiring to go into the celebrity world. "Ask yourself; Am i ready, Do I think I can take the heat, think twice? Can you do anything when you have nothing and you have a name.Once you are ready, then move on because no one can stop you once you get to that peak".
 This is Deji Bakare and he his here for change, growth and development of the young ones...A charismatic being who is determined  to make a better tomorrow for the next generation.