Sunday, 9 March 2014


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Born Harold Mordi, HCODE who hails from Delta State was a spectacular music producer, artist and video director, who fresh out of the UK in 2007 stormed the Nigerian music scene with the formation of the music group H20 which was responsible for the hit single NAIRA. The hit single received awesome reviews world over, which catalyzed tour invitations from as far as Russia and the United States.

HCODE grew up listening to likes of Jay Z, xzibit, 50cents, he became deeply involved in music in 2006 as a multimedia production major in the UK during his project year. He was required to add original & scripted sound to his motion graphic designs and he was forced to start creating his own samples before he realized the hidden genius within.

HCODE who produced beat at an alarming rate was the CEO of Ear Waxx studios a production company he founded in 2007. His musical influences include the likes of lil wayne, little brother, Jay Z ,tyrese, Akon and He describes his style of as realistic (produced as inspired) hiphop.

His unique fusion of rap, hiphop, afrobeat, and R&B made him a very much sort after music producer and artist. HCODE had to his Production credit jobs for the likes of saucekid (na me be fine boy), Pype, Vector tha viper, Waje and collaborations with Saucekid, Ghetto P, Vector, Shobsy and lots of other Nigerian artists.

After his return to Nigeria, he had brief stint with Nigezie. Till date his creative production style makes his music world class, with hit singles like IWO NI ( a club banger featuring Vector the Viper) and come back home ft. Saucekid & Ghetto P.

Hcode, who produced 2face Idibia and Vector’s Get Down died last night after suffering an Asthma attack. He was just in his mid 20s. Too sad!...and now, his works will get the celebration but alas, he is not physically there to get all the accolades...Life is actually a teacher, the more we live, the more we learn..

Some Music stars are carried away with the whole fame-money-success thingy, That they forget to acknowledge their producers and i am not sure if there are a good number of awards for the producers of these songs...this is where we usually fall to at the end of the day because I did not know about him until now..writing about him, feeling of passing away at such age and wondering about how much one must have accomplished in life.

Now, every Print and broadcast medium would be talking about this, not excluding the social media, blogs and all that..Rest in Peace HCode...