Friday, 7 March 2014


When Actors say they can act nude for any amount, they should consider the kind of camera angles that are also used in such an instance because an extreme damage might have been done before you even stop it...How many Actors are professional enough to demand for a certain kind of shot..Well, except If it is a pornography where such things will not matter.

Fast Rising Actress, Omo Iyasara who has featured in movies like Damage says she can go unclad to interpret a role but for the right price..and quickly adds but not fully unclad...Going fully unclad demands a great level of a balanced psychological mind and It is not about your beauty.

Omo is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Imo State University. In 2011 she enrolled in the prestigious Royal Arts Academy owned by Emem Isong where she excelled as one of the favorite students in her time, with a certificate of excellence.

You should know what you want to give out to the viewers and what you want to leave out...This is not about how much you will be paid but your prestige and brand as a professional actress.