Saturday, 15 March 2014


Now, this is not the finals of a world cup neither is it Nigeria's Independent anniversary but a job examination interview or what ever name Its called...Lives were actually lost.Authorities of National Hospital, Abuja, on Saturday confirmed seven persons among 67,000 Nigeria Immigration Service job applicants in the FCT dead..This is totally crazy and I actually blame both parties involved here This is a bad omen for Nigeria..Our Leaders are sacrificing us daily right before our eyes and we are vulnerable about it and I ask, Is this where your hope lies when it comes to a quest for a better life.
News Agency of Nigeria recalls that in 2008, no fewer than 20 people died in various states of the federation during a similar exercise conducted by the Ministry of Interior for Nigeria Prisons Service, Nigeria Immigration Service and Customs Service. (NAN)..It was trouble at the various cities where such programme was conducted, except for Lagos where the scheduled interview did not take place despite the #1,000 collected from about 100,000 applicants...The entire road leading to the National Stadium was blocked by the applicants...This is suffering in another definition
It was reported that no fewer than 100, 000 of the applicants thronged the 45, 000-capacity National Stadium Saturday morning with the hope of getting a position out of the 3,000 job openings declared by the NIS...I really do not know what to say because there are various angles to this matter...What happened to the evolution of technology when it comes to jobs application?, Must everyone work at this Immigration and such a crowd, by the way, It is not A Nigerian Idol crowd...

Our Leaders are milking out our lives by the second, either by blood or psychology...Is this who we are or Is this what we want for ourselves, Over 20,000 forced their way through a gate at Owerri, leading to the death of a few weak people...Again, this was not Ultimate Search Auditions.

I hope this is not a strategy to reduce our alarming population but I would simply love to be objective about my conclusive opinion by stating that our leaders are biting more than they can really chew because loosing your life in the quest of securing a future calls for a failed government at every level of the country.