Sunday, 23 March 2014


There are several ways to become famous, positive or negative and the counter effects are very open to the public to conclude or perhaps be judgmental about your personality..and what do you call a situation where people thrive on jealousy, slander, failure as a tool to be famous..Actually, without being specific or diverting away from my view..I am actually referring to Ministers of God all over the world, especially Nigeria.

There is a trend now as Pastors go publicly to reveal dreams and vision about certain people and I ask, why not go directly to the people involved, or pray on their behalf and ask them to seek the face of God...Is this a sort of cheap publicity in Nigeria now.

Anyways, Soul E has gathered a little fame recently after claiming he had a dream about certain incidents.
In my opinion, Soul E should address the personalities involved and not go viral in the social media to state this vision, As you know, Recently in Ghana, a certain prophet also listed a number of celebrities who might dine with death. Anyways, I guess the people involved must be consulting their various elders in their religion to avert these troubles...