Friday, 7 March 2014


Let me start by giving thanks to God for blessing our nation with such a great profitable resource, which has turned a lot of people into Billionaires...How glorious it would have been when it was first discovered...There is no point serenading myself with those moments but we all know the tales today. How many Nigerians have truly been touched by the ''anointing oil'' secured is the socio economic life of an average Nigerian..?

It is even presumed that this Anointing Oil might finish at a particular time but what happens after..and by the way, There are countries who do not have oil but they have been able to maximize the little resource they are blessed with and why is Nigeria this way, If we are among the Top 10 producers of Oil in the world...?

I actually have more of questions to ask than castigating people, pointing fingers or feeling sorry for my people...In every business, Profit is usually generated..where is the audited profit report sheet for our Oil revenue all these years?...Is the Profit not enough to facilitate various projects across the nation and the same chorus question...Our Refineries...?

There have been various publications posted online in relation to the reckless spending of Top government officials across the world...and we all know It is Oil money but what can we say...We should actually celebrate, award and drink to this feat because we feel we are enjoying our lives...?

Have we thought for once, the kind of prayers some people are observing during their morning devotions? or what is going on in the minds of those who are married to poverty for life?..Some of our officials have been so deeply anointed in the oil that they have eyes  but cannot see, ears but they cannot listen...The level of insensitivity is high and quite alarming...I actually fear for tomorrow.

I will not say our Oil is a curse but with all these going on...I ponder on the future of my unborn child...I hope we do not start to import water to use in having our bath..Are we actually a democratic nation or Capitalist, Communism, Authoritarian or what?...Some people have become glorious though this oil but do they actually know the glory behind giving back to society....We have sinned and come short of the glory of God...I will not say oil because God owns the oil and what if he just dries up everything in NAIJA.?