Tuesday, 29 April 2014


When the Bible says A time for everything; A time to be born and A time to Die..It means a whole lot of things...So many other life wise sayings have emerged and are still emerging daily. How about making hay while the sun shines, Life is short or Never put all your eggs in one basket..Where am i driving at?

When I heard the news about the death of Veteran Film Producer and Director, Amaka Igwe, I wanted to jump on-line and say something just like everybody, use her image as a display picture or something but rather I thought about several events that has occurred prior to that news, and so I decided to talk about Time..Its value, use, significant and essence in Man's quest upon this earth...and so I asked, How have you used your time so far?

A day before I heard about her death, I paid a visit to a colleague who was delivered of twins, alongside other colleagues..while merrying and drinking to what God has done in the life of this couple, A colleague received a news right there that his dad has passed on...What do some Nigerians say then...Such is life but could it be the fact that..such is Life..That some newly weds get that baby cry in a twinkle of an eye and those of many years are still waiting....entrance and exit circles?

A time to mourn and A time to rejoice....Amidst all of these events, It is quite important we make the best use of our time..Cry, Smile, Laugh, Hate, Forgive but above all, let your body and soul be in a good state when events rapidly unfold before your eyes and It might seem like everything might collapse but No...It is a Time for Everything.

Live a Purposeful life and you will not regret it.