Tuesday, 29 April 2014


One of the outstanding features of certain celebrities across the globe is their humane and down-to-earth personality, and Deji Bakare is no exception in that regard...It is no news again that Mr Bakare was absent at the just concluded Silverbird Group organized Mr. Nigeria pageant for the year 2014. This should have been an honour to both Deji Bakare, who would have handed over the crown to current winner, Emmanuel Ikubese.

Mr. Bakare's absence from Mr Nigeria 2014 is not intentional in any way. He has been in Canada for a while now with much concentration on the various projects on his desk and still trying to keep close touch with home, fans and family. Deji Bakare is currently on a consulting job, focusing on another edition of Deji Bakare Talent Search Season 2 and also taking his modelling career to the next level. However, He was informed about the pageant a week to the finale but notwithstanding, Deji sincerely apologizes to his fans.

To the current Mr. Nigeria 2014, Mr. Emmanuel Ikubese, Deji says he should be very strong, be a man of his own, Do not listen to what people say and above all, make that impact to people. A significant moment is the fact that Deji Bakare fell in love with the parents of Emmanuel and expressed that they are real loving people, In his words, ''There is nothing as good as family supporting and encouraging what you do and believe in, I believe they will push you to the next level''.

It is with grace and honour that Deji Bakare endorses Emmanuel Ikubese as Mr. Nigeria 2014 and encourages him to be that Mr. Nigeria by keeping the dream alive.