Sunday, 6 April 2014


There are reports that the delegates at the National Conference holding at Abuja complained about their meals...A group, the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) described the delegates’ action as selfish, saying rather than focus on burning national issues that brought about the conference in the first place, they were busy dwelling on trivial issues.

Some Weeks earlier, It was about allowances for their aides..I do not get. The aides are also part of the conference, and aside all these, there are empty seats during most deliberations of each day and I ask, What is the purpose of this conference, contributions are not made sincerely except on personal gains.

The executive chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran, in a statement on Friday, stated that many of the delegates have forgotten the reason for the conference. He said, “It’s high time some of the delegates realized that the Conference is meant to discuss critical issues about Nigeria and chart a new course for the country and not just to deliberate on inconsequential things.

The rejection of food by some of them is a pointer to the selfishness of our so-called leaders. That is another way to show clearly that many are at the conference for the material gains.

Why must you complain about the food, Is that not what makes us smile, fat and happy as a nation? and you should show more concerns about the outcome of the conference and the effect on the people, not the food, after all, you can afford to treat yourself nicely from your paid allowance.This just reminds me of the National Assembly where you also have empty seats and senators demanding for some funny allowances. Accounts must be given at the end of our journey on earth when we all shall be audited. Is this a Legacy?