Tuesday, 1 April 2014


If you think Chief M.K.O Abiola's is really gone..You are totally mistaken because He has various seeds all over the world who are doing great exploits despite the various controversies that surrounds the family..I saw this gorgeous personae online and I must say, She is a true replica of Late Chief Abiola, A popular Nigerian Politician and Freedom Fighter...Meet Waliyah Abiola, An emerging Singer/Song Writer and a Graduate of Imperial College, London.Waliyah said she hates to tell people she is an Abiola, so people won’t think she’s trying to use her father’s name to step up her career. She said she has been doing her music without the name, and she is comfortable with it.
As you know, It is very hard to have such a man like Abiola as your father without having fond memories of him...She recounts her moment with her dad..''He loved to sing and was in a band. He often sang at weddings and as a school boy in Abeokuta. I have fond memories of him singing, “The Beatles” songs in the kitchen. This must have been a relic from the time when he was studying to become an accountant in Scotland.''